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Gail Moss is The Poetic Evangelist

Gail Moss, The Poetic EvangelistGail Moss is The Poetic Evangelist.  She writes beautiful heartwarming poetry.  Gail is an amazing writer who writes to give God the glory He alone so richly deserves.  Gail has given me several opportunities to share my own poetry with her audience.  Gail is a blessing to our community and I hope and pray that you will blessed by her heart just as I am.  Here is,

Gail’s Story

Gail Moss gave her life to God in her childhood. It was during her teen years; while grieving her mother’s passing that she started to write poetry as a form of ministry. Gail discovered inspiration and encouragement in the pages of the Holy Bible.

Her passionate collection of spirit and life writings exemplifies worship, devotion, and salvation – igniting a desire for an intimate connection with the Holy One.

Gail Moss is the Author and Spoken Word Artist known as “The Poetic Evangelist”. Mrs. Moss earned her degree in Christian Ministry, is a certified Christian Life Coach, and co-founder of Poetic Outreach Evangelistic Missions (P.O.E.M.).

The Poetic Evangelist is dedicated to sharing the Good News through poetic ministry via various platforms, encouraging people of all ages and all walks of life to “Live In The Light”.

Gail’s prayer and mission is to make a positive impact in the lives of others through written, spoken, and visual poetry.  With the help of partners, her outreach extends globally to include:

 – Food and clothing for the homeless, orphans, and elderly
 – Clothing and school supplies for disadvantaged children
 – Infant care supplies for nursing mothers in need
 – Assistance for medical and dental care
 – Summer camps for homeless children

Gail Moss, The Poetic Evangelist
  ​​The Bible remains Gail’s source of inspiration, and her favorite scripture is still John 3:16.

If you’d like to contact Gail, you can find her here:

Gail Moss

P.O. Box 1938

Clinton, MD 20735



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