The True Entrepreneur

You Have the Power to Start a Movement!

Because You’ve Started a Business

The true entrepreneur gets up, starts moving, starts a business. Becomes a pioneer. Is a leader and an innovator. Uses her gifts. Shares her skills. Teaches a class. Starts a movement and she does it all in the name of Jesus.

The True Entrepreneur is brilliant, phenomenal, intelligent, wise, patient, full of knowledge and possesses a unique skill set, gift and talents that are incomparable. The True Entrepreneur is sitting in her office now cultivating a corporation that stands alone. The True Entrepreneur is you.

You are Unique and Creative

You are creative and you have the power to design your business for success. You have great wealth.  You are wealthy, abounding in riches and walking in your land of true prosperity.  

You are the light of your business. You shine. You illuminate all the pieces of your empire. Your business is a dynasty and you reign supreme. Continue to do and be the greatness and do all that the Holy Spirit speaks to your heart and you will always prosper.

Written by Cynthia G. Boyer

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