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We are God's Virtuous Women Entrepreneurs. Brilliant in business, we love doing business God's way! 

A womanhood of excellence, we truly understand the significance of embracing His principles of humility, honesty and commitment to excellence.  We help you to apply these principles to your businesses!


To Help You to Shine in Your Very Own Unique Brilliance!

Our mission and ultimate goal is to ensure your success.  To help you be relentless and brilliant. We help you to shine as you step onto the pathway of your entrepreneurial journey using your God-given gifts. We want to see your business propel and prosper like never before. 

We are here to help you tap into your unlimited potentiality.  We do this by providing you with endless opportunities and some of the greatest resources available to you.  Our plan is to help you to nurture, grow and abound with thanksgiving your business with tools that really work. Our mission is to enlighten you thereby empowering you to do even greater things as an entrepreneur.  

It is our goal to guide you with sound Biblical principles.  We are going to help you blaze your brand!  From the depths of our hearts and the truths that lay within, we are going to ensure your success.  It is our hope to show you how to create and design steps for money flowing success. We are elated to provide you with our awesome training tools, gleaned from our own business experiences that have transformed our lives.  We also are going to gift you a wealth of information to help your business soar. 

Our ultimate goal is to help you connect and network with other brilliant-minded women entrepreneurs.  This is where brilliant women entrepreneurs meet phenomenal women entrepreneurs!

For All Women Entrepreneurs!


Here at God's Virtuous Women Entrepreneurs we create, design and build a foundation using an array of business propelling tools of faith, confidence, courage and hope. 

God's Virtuous Women Entrepreneurs is enrichment for Christian Women Business owners. It is a sanctuary of wealth and knowledge.  We offer and provide you with life transforming business tools that every woman entrepreneur can incorporate into her business.  We help you to ensure great and everlasting success. God's Virtuous Women Entrepreneurs is a sanctuary of wealth of priceless information.  GVWE was birthed to enlighten the paths of women entrepreneurs.  Here you will find empowerment for your entrepreneurial journey.  You will be forever enriched by the knowledge and tools we have awaiting you. 

When I think about God's Virtuous Women Entrepreneurs I think of you. I think about some of the many gifts you have been blessed by God to receive. I also think about the Christian woman who wants to be that powerful entrepreneur, but has yet taken the steps to leave her name in that woven fabric of gifted and highly talented women entrepreneurs. You are in deed a group of amazing women, uniquely gifted, super talented and beyond intelligent who have created and are building the life you dream, doing what you were born and love to do which is knowing and succeeding in God's will.

You, being an entrepreneur, already know deep down and embedded within every fiber of your being that you have the awesome ability to be that brilliant and extraordinary entrepreneur with the strength and power you possess. GVWE are writers, published authors, graphic designers, motivational speakers, poetic evangelists, life-changing inspirational coaches, artists, website designers and the list never stops growing.

Our mission is to give you that push we call inspiration along with the tools from website hosting, training and resources, from WordPress to graphic design, to help you to start and promote your business as you aspire to bring out the greatness that has been birthed in you. To help you develop a positive mindset which will allow you to focus your energy on building a brand and dynasty that is different from any other business in the world.

You'll get the motivation you need to act and speak. God has given you the gifts and He has commissioned me to simply encourage you with the tools He has gifted me. Christian women business owners, we want to see you rise, climb and shine!

God's Virtuous Women Entrepreneurs are amazing Christian women business owners who have taken God's principles to build a rock solid foundation and business doing what they love. You have proudly and wisely, with patience and understanding, taken the steps to your entrepreneurial journey and along the way you have gleaned some amazing tools.


As God's Virtuous Women Entrepreneurs there are specific tools you need in order to achieve the success your business needs and deserves. We believe we have everything you need to assist you in helping you to accomplish your daily list of goals. We want you to enjoy the wealth that comes from being the perfect example of what it means to be a highly successful and prosperous woman entrepreneur. Here are just some of the tools that we will be incorporating into God's Virtuous Women Entrepreneurs to ensure your long-lasting success and to benefit you in every area of your businesses Miss Entrepreneur!

God's Virtuous Women Entrepreneurs will also be sharing some of our most amazing products which can be a real business changing system that can help you to achieve your financial goals as well.  Our MATH ebook, Money in Abundance with Thanksgiving from the Heart contains valuable information on how you can attain your financial goals in business.


Being bold, brilliant and courageous in business is the best mindset that you can have. Before entering into your office and sitting down at your desk everyday, speak encouragement into, through and over your business without ceasing to help ensure your success because you are your business. It is a known fact that when you speak words of encouragement over your business, saying and believing that your business is going to soar, it is going to do exactly that. You are going to see changes manifested in your business like never before almost immediately. The phone will start ringing, names of potential clients will find their way into your Rolodex and you'll never ever run out of new ideas for promoting and marketing your business.

Be Bold

Be bold and watch your business propel into even greater! Do not ever doubt your abilities, no not ever. Do not be afraid to do the things that you know can take your business to that mountaintop.

Be Brilliant

Be brilliant. That's the norm for you. Your business is a gift and contains an array of treasures that you can use to help it to enjoy long-lasting prosperity. Use all the tools you have in your gift basket and let your brilliance shine directly into your business, onto the path, on the very foundation on which you've built your business; faith, trust and obedience.

Be Courageous

Be courageous. Yes, that's you because you are! Equipped with courage, you stepped out on the cloud of faith to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams and goals. When you began your journey as an entrepreneur you already knew that you were going to change the world of business by implementing God's principles into the heart of your business.

You also incorporated your wisdom, knowledge, brilliance and understanding into the core of your dynasty.  Sink it deep into the structure and the very foundation on which your business stands and grows. Simply by being who are you, brilliant, focused, highly intelligent and bright which is the very reason you have been able to enjoy phenomenal success as a woman entrepreneur.  Blessed and equipped with a magnificent skill set that cannot be matched, you have boldly opened the doors to your empire. It's time to take your entrepreneurial journey with confidence and faith today!

No Ceiling and No Limits

As a woman of God and as an entrepreneur of the Most High, there are never any ceilings you have to break through which means there are no limits on your life and no limits on your business. You have the awesome ability to soar as high as you choose! You have positioned and labeled yourself as a great and one-of-a kind pioneer. You are committed to serving, helping and transforming lives, to meet the needs of others, your path of prosperity has been life changing for you.

There are treasures inside you, greatness to be exact.  You wow the world with your brilliance.  You are clothed with gratefulness. You have the amazing ability to do things others have dared or feared to do. You are brilliant in business. You've created your own schedule. You are the great overseer, Chief of Operations. You run every aspect of your business with the wisdom you've been gifted and with your knowledge you soar to even greater heights. You define entrepreneur.

The mind, character, heart and soul of entrepreneurs define the Christian woman entrepreneur. Christian women are light; they possess brilliance and intelligence. Christian women in business recognize the fact that God is the reason that they are phenomenally successful and they simply love doing business God's way!


Roar and let your voices be heard, God's Virtuous Women Entrepreneurs!

Here at God's Virtuous Women Entrepreneurs we invite you into our amazing world where Christian Women Business Owners are doing some of the most phenomenal things in the world of Christian women entrepreneurs. Here you can come and connect, network and share and give of yourself in a sweet and special way to bless other women so that you, too, can be blessed. You are truly God's Virtuous Women Entrepreneurs and Women of Excellence, executing your business plan, one goal at a time, professionally and prudently, using your God-given gifts and lighting the path He has placed at your feet and as He establishes your goings you will soar to your destination!

God's Virtuous Women Entrepreneurs

A Womanhood of Excellence!

EWW-Hero2-fadeVirtuous women are women of excellence who have been gifted with unique skill sets and with the great and amazing ability to truly conquer and change the world of business!

Join Us To Illumine Your Entrepreneurial Spirit!

We Incorporate God's Principles and Believe in His Promises To

Build Our Businesses and Blaze Our Brands


All For His Glory!

Cynthia G. Boyer, Founder/Owner,

God's Virtuous Women Entrepreneurs

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