Building a Better Business

Building a Better Business

And Grow to the Next Level

Building a Better Business and grow to the next level is easy and rewarding if you have the right mindset and all the right tools.  If you are interested in building a better business there are some things you have to understand before taking the necessary steps to branding your business into greater.

Shark Tank

My son often tells me that if I were to go on Shark Tank with my product, they would eat me alive!  He always tells me that in business you have to ruthless.  Well, being ruthless is not me and I don’t think it should apply to anyone’s business.  You see, my son thinks I’m too nice.  I think being nice is Christ-like and being Christ-like is the best way you can live your life because the blessings continuously flow. 

What do I mean by this; by being Christ-like you are demonstrating and extending a kindness, not only to family and friends, but to your customers as well, who are truly the heartbeat of your business.  When you display a show of kindness to your customers, treating them with the utmost respect, treating them in all fairness they will reciprocate by coming to you over and over again to do business with you.  Your business then thrives and you grow your business above and beyond abundance. Being Christ-like brings glory to God.  The blessings never stop coming because God is right there with you giving you new and more brilliant ideas that you can incorporate into your business taking it to the next ten levels which means you never run out of ideas to grow your business. Your Christ-likeness is just one of the many reasons your business breathes in the first place. I have learned a lot from Shark Tank and one of the most essential lessons the “Sharks” have taught me is the importance of doing business God’s way!

Believing in my Business to Build a Better Business

Cyndi's Light Work DesignsBelieving that I have a very unique product in Cyndi’s Light Work Designs, I stand strong on God’s principles and promises and I work diligently to my fullest potential.  I am authentic. I have a deep passion for writing and designing and believe it shows through my art work.  I am working to become a household name through the brand that I have been building for some time now.  Most importantly, I love to showcase and share my designs with the world.  I get great feedback from all of my customers.  I can truly say thank You God for graciously gifting me with an amazing and awe-inspiring product.

The Principles on Which I Stand…God’s!

I have a motto that I wrote and designed…I love doing business God’s Way, Not Man’s Way as well as the principle I designed just below.  Cyndis Light Work DesignsIn order to build a better business it is imperative that you recognize that God is in the midst of all the things you are going to accomplish.  It is vital that you understand that we must heed His wise counsel and infinite wisdom and apply all that He so willingly teaches and gives us.  Through our array of great gifts from God we can do amazing things in business.

All for His Glory,



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