Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Christian Women Business Owners

Your brilliance is the light that illumines the path of your entrepreneurial journey. You are magnificent, gifted, intelligent, and wise. You have an amazing skill set. You know how to use your awesome skills and great abilities to bring change into the world of business. You stand alone. There is no one like you. God has created a plan made exclusively for you. God’s plan for you is unique as are you. Your gifts are the presents that have helped you to birth your business. Your entrepreneurial journey is life changing.    


As a Christian woman entrepreneurial you have a lot on your shoulders, but every weight that you bare is life changing. It is the sugar in your tea and the cream in your coffee. It is the words that you write and the book that you plan to publish. It is the dream you envision and now it is the life you live.


Stay on the path of your journey and never veer from it for you virtuous woman entrepreneur are the force behind the success you breathe.    

Written by Cynthia G. Boyer