The Journey from Lost to Found

The Journey from Lost to Found

I Am An Entrepreneur

The Journey from Lost to FoundThe journey from lost to found has been an experience I welcomed.  When I began my entrepreneurial journey it was a pathway to failure and a bountiful harvest of never-ending great success. The road has been life-changing.

Once lost, I stumbled upon my niche by accident, started my own graphic design business and now I am enjoying all the rewards that come from building my business one product, book and service over time.  I define success as being truly happy with the amazing ability to use my God-given gifts.  I am so very passionate about designing.  It gives me a sense of calm and peace.  It embraces me with love.  Never complicated, designing just seems to come to me.  I make masterpieces that are highly unique with deep purples and various hues that bring my creations to life.

The Pursuit of Entrepreneurialness

The Journey from Lost to FoundOnce lost, never content, I left corporate America to pursue my dreams of being a work-from-home mother.  I founded Magic Fingers, a typing and transcribing business, and gave it life September 2002.  I lost Magic Fingers when I found and discovered the gift of design.  Self-taught I have been on this wonderful journey  with my design business traveling through and gracing the walls of homes around the globe.

Being a business owner is never ever complicated when you are doing something you sincerely love.

All for His Glory,





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