Now Is The Time; Or Is It

Is This Your Time To Soar To Your Destiny

When I entered into corporate America in 1990 I quickly realized that it was not a good fit for me for various reasons, the number one factor being I could not utilize my God-given gifts and my oh my did and do I love using my gifts to glorify God. He gave me my gifts for a reason which is part of His plan for me. I am grateful. 

When I left corporate America in 2002, I decided that from that moment on I was going to work at home for myself.  It was then that I began my very short lived typing/secretarial business.  I immediately found myself jumping all over the map because there has always been a reservoir flowing inside of me and I needed to get it all out at the same and that was an enormous mistake from which I gleaned my success. With so much to share with women who were/are just like me I began a journey that would lead to nowhere ( all my fault). I started a graphic design business. I wrote children's books. I took a coaching course and became certified. I started a gift basket business and too many more to name and list here. 

Fast Forward; Not My Time Yet

When my father went on dialysis I had to do everything humanly possible with all the power available to me to help him and my mother. When he passed I had to then help my mother. When she started to decline very slowly I took care of her. She moved into our home and I became her caregiver for 16 years. 

During the time of me giving my mother my life I really could not delve deep into my business to give it the attention it truly deserved, but not one time did I stop planning and writing. When my mother died a few months ago it was really difficult to get moving in my life and in my business. I found myself chained to the bed. It just wasn't time for me to go back to work for myself. 

Now Is The Time. God's Time; My Time. 

Here it is the beginning of December and I'm working part time, full time and overtime in my business and let me tell you I am delighted and beyond excited as I prepare to launch my new skincare product Beauty and the Face, Love for the Skin, Luxury in a Jar!  It has been a longtime coming and well worth the wait for me and I hope for all my potential customers. It's funny how Beauty and the Face has evolved. I started a blog about seven years ago and I never thought in ten million years that I would be handcrafting butter for the body. 

I am finally on a journey that is promising to carry me on my life loving journey to fulfill my life long goals and live my dreams.

Am I grateful. Beyond thankful. I'm going to blow this one out of the water. Whose traveling with me. 

If there is anything you've been dreaming about but you are not sure about go to God in prayer and ask Him if this is your time for whatever it is you've been contemplating. He'll tell you by giving you, one by one, each lesson He has planned for your life in your business. Now is the time and I pray that if it's your time too that you will skyrocket and soar with pure excitement.

Be blessed.  

Be Encouraged

Because Every Woman Entrepreneur Needs A Touch of Inspiration!

You are extremely powerful.

Yes, you are phenomenal.  Woman entrepreneur, you have this great unlimited potential breeding inside you encompassing every inch of your mind, life, heart and soul. You are resilient. Your mind is a journal that holds and retains your goals and all that you envision as an entrepreneur. 

You are a rich reservoir of valuable and priceless information.



A New Season

In this new season why not design, create and craft an extension of your existing business. 

Here's what I recommend.

Think about your business and all the things that are relevant to your dynasty.  It could be that you want to design t-shirts for your business.  T-shirts can be a wonderful marketing tool.  T-shirts are not expensive to buy.  You can purchase t-shirts from Walmart, AC Moore, Michael's, etc.  Or you can use Spreadshirt to design and sell your t-shirts. 

If you have a software program or if you are familiar with Adobe Photoshop, you can design your own graphics and upload them to Spreadshirt.  They have a large collection of t-shirts in all colors and sizes. 

I use Spreadshirt, but I don't really market it the way I used to.  Here are a few of my own designs and here's the link to help you to create that extension of your business if you decide that's what you want to do. This will ensure that you get traffic to your website to help grow and prosper your business.


You can also write ebooks.  Ebooks are a fantastic way for you to make money.  I've written several ebooks and I've done well with them.  You just need Woocommerce or some kind of digital download program.  I really like Woocommerce a lot.  They set up everything for you.  They collect your payments right from your website as well. You just need to drive traffic to your website so that your potential customers can review and then buy your products. I'm so sure that you have priceless information that you want and are willing to share with the world!



Rubies in the Garden

Until next time, be encouraged, enriched and forever enlightened.



How to Breakthrough

Good Day, Women of Excellence,

How are things in and with your business. 

Do you find yourself struggling to position your business where you envision it?  Are you desperately trying to breakthrough and knock down those giants that are currently in your path blocking you at your every turn?  Well, I think a lot of us have been there and experienced those obstacles that can leave you wondering and saying to yourself, "what am I doing wrong here?


When I read about or hear women asking how they can get their breakthrough my mind is directed toward the Lord because He is the only WAY for you to truly breakthrough those chains of poverty which include finances, low to no self confidence, fear, doubts, struggles, pain, storms and your all your business endeavors. You name it.

Let's get right to it.  Here's how you begin to seek the truths for your breakthrough. 

  • It is important for you to pray, asking, seeking and knocking.  Seek God's face and His will for your business.
  • You must have complete faith in God.  (Wavering is not an option).
  • You have to trust God with everything pertaining to your business as well as in your life; finances, business goals/decisions. 
  • You must heed His word...His guidance and direction for your business even if you don't understand or see results instantly.
  • You must be using your God-given gifts, your unique skill set and your creativity, along with His principles, to help grow, prosper and sustain your business.
  • It is important for you to take inspired, grateful and joyful action in your business goals.  You have to get and stay excited as you work to execute God's plans in your business.
  • It is also essential to add thankfulness to God in all things with a heart and mind of sincerity. In all things give thanks to God. 
  • Keep a positive outlook/mindset and feel the abundance that is already yours!
  • Remember to give God a portion of all that you earn regardless of how much you earn.  You must be obedient to God and watch Him open the windows of heaven and pour upon you endless blessings of all that He has just for you.


If you were to go outside, look up and all around you, you will no doubt witness God's excellent greatness, His mighty acts and wondrous works. This should automatically create within you a well, an ocean and a rich reservoir of thanksgiving to God, Creator of Heaven and earth. He is the Light that makes your paths clear and straight.  God gives you the power to create your wealth.

One by one, implement the above components into every aspect of your business and watch out...your breakthrough is here!!! Enjoy it and thank God for it all. 

Always remember, with trust and faith in God, you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.  There are no limits on your life; only endless doors and windows of opportunities being presented to you daily to help you to flourish in your business and in every situation of your amazing and blessed life!

In His Heart,


You Define Greatness

You Define Greatness.

Never Ever Stop Doing What You Were Born To Do

You Have the Power, Knowledge,

Skill Set, Heart and Mind To Do Amazing!

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Greatness.  It's who you are and it's what you do.  Great things.  Amazing things.  Phenomenal things. 

Growing up and now looking back at my childhood and the people I grew up with I realize that we all possessed something spectacular. We were all so very unique. There was definitely something special about us. I think about how smart we were. I reflect and can now clearly see that we were beyond gifted with the awesome and amazing ability to do just about anything our hearts and minds shared with us.

I am sure most of us ignored our callings and did what we thought was normal or perhaps right which was to go to college get a degree and enjoy some kind of career. Pondering all these things I think most of us missed out on our greatness. We missed the plane of something that could have possibly soared us to our individual destinations and even greater. I believe in my heart that all of us could have skipped college. We could have created, designed and built our own empires from our minds alone. That's how phenomenally gifted and skilled we were and probably still are. 

I say this to say that no matter where you are in your life, it's never too late for you to do what your heart is leading, guiding and directing you to do.  It is important that you realize what that is, devise a plan and execute your plan with faith in God. 

Go Ahead and Soar!

You Know You Can

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Now that I am a little older and just a tad bit wiser which stems from my own personal life experiences, I am finally walking and soaring through the doors of all the opportunities that are constantly being presented to me.  I want to tell you that each and every new business venture is just an extension of my two main businesses that I enjoy building a little more everyday.  We all know that God is infinite and this simply means that you will never ever run out of ideas to continually increase your revenue from the ever overflowing reservoir that is filled with chances for you to be a blessing to others and for you to earn a living for yourself. 

If things are still the same where your business is concerned or maybe even your life and you're not where you had hoped to be right now at this very moment, then it is imperative for you to take a look at your business and see where you need to improve certain aspects or perhaps remove certain components of your new ones and replace them with new ones.  Go to God and ask Him to reveal what He sees in your business that need improvement.  Trust Him to answer.  Remember when you ask God for His help it is essential that you be sill and wait patiently for Him to answer.  He will.  Don't be anxious and jump ahead of Him.  Running your business is a marathon and not a sprint.  Keep your faith in Him.  I have learned the importance of waiting on God. It builds patience, trust and it helps you to deepen your faith in Him.  There is no better way to run your business.  When you hear God speak then apply whatever He tells you to your business and watch, in excitement, your success go to the next 100 levels, one dream, goal and vision at a time.  This is the start of your success, abundance and prosperity.  

Be blessed and remember to always bless your business.

It Begins with You First

Becoming A Highly Successful Women Entrepreneur Consists of Having The Most Authentic System In Place That Leads To Your Abundance, Prosperity and Financial Wealth






It begins with you first.  Building a business begins with life and it starts with you.  Starting a building and blazing your brand stems from lessons you've learned, your gifts and skill set. 

Before you start writing your business plans there are systems that you need to have in place to build a successful business.  The systems I am talking about begins with those treasures inside you.  Before you begin to explore and discover your gold you must get unstuck.  After you remove all the negative energy from your life in addition to all the other things you need to resolve and those pertinent components you need to apply to your life it is then that you can confidently begin to build and enjoy a thriving and prospering business.

My Gold Program was written to help you to effectively and positively change what needs to be changed in your life.  It's just that simple.  I know, because I have had major personal struggles that I had to overcome.  Once I realized how desperate I was for change, I had to pen this information that the Holy Spirit helped me to write.  I am never ashamed to tell you that my struggles were real and yet they were a true blessing for they truly changed and impacted my life in a major way and now I am, plain and simple, a peaceful luminous being with enjoys many successful work at home businesses.  It has taken me a lot longer than most people, but as I always say I am exactly where I am supposed to be and I am overjoyed and I want you to feel the same.

This program has changed my life.  Living life has changed my life.  I hope you will think about what changes you'd like to make in your life in an effort to start, soar and prosper your own business.  I hope this program blesses you! 

Go here to find out how you can get started today and enjoy the success your life and business deserves!