Hone Your Skills

Hone Your Skills and Grow Your Business

Honing your skills is another gift God has bestowed on you as a woman, child and million-heir of the Most High God. As children of a sovereign God you have been highly favored and gifted with your own unique skill set.

Above and beyond anything you could ever imagine you don’t realize all that God has given you because sometimes you may feel like you get stuck and some of you allow your gifts and talents to go unnoticed which doesn’t allow you to give God His glory.  Whether you believe this or not you have wealth and an abundance of it. Not just in finances but in every area of your lives.


You have the greatest potential to wow the world with your brllliance and intelligence. Exceptional women, you have seeds planted deep within you. Seeds that have been nourished for growth.

Your uniqueness is what sets you way apart from any other competition anywhere in this world!



You Are Amazing

As women and as highly successful entrepreneurs you are amazing.  Your business is awesome.  Your business is sensational.  Your business is different from any other business ever created and you have the great ability to do things in a way that has never been done in business before.


You Are the Heartbeat of Your Business

Yes, you are the heart of your business which is the very reason it thrives and flourishes.

Never complicated, it’s plain and as simple as it gets which gives us the upper hand in building and propelling your business.  You are women of God who love doing business God’s way which simply means you allow God to use you which opens the doors to endless opportunities and this God’s Virtuous Women Entrepreneurs is where your success begins and where your success never ends. When you allow the holy Father to instruct you, you find yourself in a class learning all the things that you could never learn from a professor at the most prestigious college.

If you decided you wanted to go to college to further your career or to simply become an entrepreneur the lessons you learn will eventually end and then you will find yourself pretty much on your own, but with God you are never alone and your learning experience becomes this exciting journey where you learn more and even greater lessons that you can take and easily apply to grow your business to keep it breathing passing it on from one generation to the next.

With God at the helm of your business, remember He will never leave you alone to figure things out on your own. God will continuously take you to the next level of your business. Your marketing strategies will never wax old.

You will never run out of ideas to prosper your business; you will never run out of things to write about, to talk about. You will never cease to amaze your customers, clients and the world with your magnificence. Your ideas will always be fresh and welcomed.

Wherever you are in your business, take this time to give thanks to God for giving you such an amazing and brilliant plan for your business which has the potential to change your life and vice versa so hone your skills and watch it soar and you will roar!

Be blessed.