Don’t Ever Give Up

Good Evening Entrepreneurs,

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post.  I do apologize. 

I have a lot I want to share and thought I would do it now as I have been in deep thought for some time now. 

I was caregiver to my mother off and on for 16 years.  During the last five and a half years I became her permanent caregiver.  With her being bed-bound I had to bathe and change her diaper three times or more a day.  I like to think that I cared for my mother with all my might and strength giving her all the love and compassion that God had bestowed upon me.  It was very difficult at times; not just for her, but for me and my family.  I drew my strength from the love and compassion that I felt for my dear mother.  My heart truly went out to her and for her which is why I just could not bring myself to put her in a nursing home.  Although I had no help from my siblings, I didn’t complain, but at times I was completely worn out, but I had to keep going and I did.  I did it for her because she deserved it.

Love for the Woman I’ve Always Called Mommy Regardless of My Age; True Love

I remember my cousin saying to me, “Cyn, you give Towne (my mother’s nickname) too many choices when it comes to making her breakfast because most people would say, this is what you’re going to eat and that’s that!”.  I felt like this; my mother gave me the best of her when I was growing up.  The best care; amazing meals and an abundance of love and so much more.  It’s because of her that I am an outstanding speller.  It’s because of my mother and father that I know nothing but truth and true love.  Even when people wrong me and then turn around and ask me for money, I still open my heart to share my wealth.  My mother and father were just the greatest parents on this planet. 

They shared everything they had with me and my siblings; I would have to write a book to explain what I mean by this so I will just say they were love in every sense of the word.  In the neighborhood where I grew up, we were all family, every single person on Oxford, Nassau and Jefferson Streets adored Towne and Bud/Mary and Vernon.  There was something special and different about our home so when my mother could no longer stay in her home alone, I brought her here to my home with open arms and a loving heart.  Any child would I would like to think. 

During my mother’s stay with me, I would always go and sit in her room with her throughout the day and listen to her tell me stories about her childhood and many stories there were.  Because my days were her days, I could not run all of my businesses the way they needed to be run, but that was just fine because I figured if this is God’s plan for me right now, caring for my mother, I would do so wholeheartedly.  I knew that it was important for me to obey God’s calling and do it willingly and happily.  I so desperately wanted my mother to be comfortable, warm and full, and I believe she was.

Gone, But Always With Me

On September 15th at 12:45 a.m., the Holy Spirit woke me up, as sleepy as I was, and He told me to go and check on my mother.  I turned on the hall light which was always more than enough to see/look at her without putting on the light in her room and waking her up out of a deep good sleep.  Well, when I turned on the hall light, I looked at her and I saw that she wasn’t breathing.  I called my sons who were in the family room and I said, “I think Memom is gone!” They were up the steps in one big leap asking me if I was sure.  I said, “Yes; she’s gone.  I then woke up my husband, Bill, and told him.  I was relieved and heartbroken at the same time. Relieved that she was no longer in pain and heartbroken that she was no longer with me and my family.  She had become my fifth child and I was elated to be able to care for her almost as well as she had taken care of me, my sister and three brothers. I cried and cried the next day, truly troubled, devastated and heartbroken to say the least. 

And now here I am free to run my businesses without interruptions, but my on my how I miss those special interruptions that took up a large chunk of my life.  I miss my mother.  I love her deeply and dearly.  I will always love her.  When she developed bedsores I never gave up trying desperately to mend and rid her of that awful pain that accompanied those terrible sores.

And so it is that I write this post to tell you that in business or anything that pertains to the happiness, peace and contentment in your life and anything that pertains to your business, don’t ever give up. 

Be blessed.



Your Unique Brand

Your Brilliant Brand


Put Your Brand On the Shelf.

When you go to the supermarket you see a large variety of products stocked on shelves. This is how companies/manufacturersy display their own brand.

When you shop, lets say for ketchup, you’ll notice that there is always one or perhaps two brands that standout from the others.  These brands are usually the most popular who make the same kind of product, merchandise or item. This could easily be you. Just because a market may be saturated with the same product or service you may offer or provide doesn’t mean that it/you can’t be the very best.   

Whatever your product ensure that you do whatever necessary to make sure that it stands out from the rest.  Here’s how you can be sure that your product prospers and your business soars. 

Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Your entrepreneurial spirit of discernment has you on a profound life prospering journey. 

Deep within you have superior quality, rare and priceless life building and sustaining principles that have given you a true sense of what it means to do business God’s way. 

When you accept, embrace and incorporate God’s formula to establish your brand it sets in motion and propels you to remarkable long term success. 

As entrepreneurs it is important that you recognize the fact that there is so much more to business than marketing, keeping your eye on the competition, etc. 

We understand the daily routine of speaking to and on social media; Facebook, Twitter, IG and so on, but in order to be truly successful and enjoy God’s very best in business as well as in your life we must always remember to:

  • Put God first keeping Him
  • Uppermost in your thoughts
  • Pray with a sincere and thankful heart giving God honor and glory
  • Begin each day asking God for leadership, guidance and direction for your life that will pour over and into every ounce of your business
  • Wait and Listen for God to speak before you delve into building your empire because without Him there would be no empire
  • Thank Him throughout your day everyday for His infinite wisdom and wise counsel
  • Thank the Lord for all that He will reveal to you as He moves to show you His perfect plan and will for your life and your business 
  • Honor Him by obeying and heeding His Word. 

Let your entrepreneur light shine and illuminate every aspect of your business. You have the greatest most phenomenal ability to simply be magnificent in business.

Enjoy your journey. 


Be Encouraged

Because Every Woman Entrepreneur Needs A Touch of Inspiration!

You are extremely powerful.

Yes, you are phenomenal.  Woman entrepreneur, you have this great unlimited potential breeding inside you encompassing every inch of your mind, life, heart and soul. You are resilient. Your mind is a journal that holds and retains your goals and all that you envision as an entrepreneur. 

You are a rich reservoir of valuable and priceless information.



A New Season

In this new season why not design, create and craft an extension of your existing business. 

Here’s what I recommend.

Think about your business and all the things that are relevant to your dynasty.  It could be that you want to design t-shirts for your business.  T-shirts can be a wonderful marketing tool.  T-shirts are not expensive to buy.  You can purchase t-shirts from Walmart, AC Moore, Michael’s, etc.  Or you can use Spreadshirt to design and sell your t-shirts. 

If you have a software program or if you are familiar with Adobe Photoshop, you can design your own graphics and upload them to Spreadshirt.  They have a large collection of t-shirts in all colors and sizes. 

I use Spreadshirt, but I don’t really market it the way I used to.  Here are a few of my own designs and here’s the link to help you to create that extension of your business if you decide that’s what you want to do. This will ensure that you get traffic to your website to help grow and prosper your business.


You can also write ebooks.  Ebooks are a fantastic way for you to make money.  I’ve written several ebooks and I’ve done well with them.  You just need Woocommerce or some kind of digital download program.  I really like Woocommerce a lot.  They set up everything for you.  They collect your payments right from your website as well. You just need to drive traffic to your website so that your potential customers can review and then buy your products. I’m so sure that you have priceless information that you want and are willing to share with the world!



Rubies in the Garden

Until next time, be encouraged, enriched and forever enlightened.



How to Breakthrough

Good Day, Women of Excellence,

How are things in and with your business. 

Do you find yourself struggling to position your business where you envision it?  Are you desperately trying to breakthrough and knock down those giants that are currently in your path blocking you at your every turn?  Well, I think a lot of us have been there and experienced those obstacles that can leave you wondering and saying to yourself, “what am I doing wrong here?


When I read about or hear women asking how they can get their breakthrough my mind is directed toward the Lord because He is the only WAY for you to truly breakthrough those chains of poverty which include finances, low to no self confidence, fear, doubts, struggles, pain, storms and your all your business endeavors. You name it.

Let’s get right to it.  Here’s how you begin to seek the truths for your breakthrough. 

  • It is important for you to pray, asking, seeking and knocking.  Seek God’s face and His will for your business.
  • You must have complete faith in God.  (Wavering is not an option).
  • You have to trust God with everything pertaining to your business as well as in your life; finances, business goals/decisions. 
  • You must heed His word…His guidance and direction for your business even if you don’t understand or see results instantly.
  • You must be using your God-given gifts, your unique skill set and your creativity, along with His principles, to help grow, prosper and sustain your business.
  • It is important for you to take inspired, grateful and joyful action in your business goals.  You have to get and stay excited as you work to execute God’s plans in your business.
  • It is also essential to add thankfulness to God in all things with a heart and mind of sincerity. In all things give thanks to God. 
  • Keep a positive outlook/mindset and feel the abundance that is already yours!
  • Remember to give God a portion of all that you earn regardless of how much you earn.  You must be obedient to God and watch Him open the windows of heaven and pour upon you endless blessings of all that He has just for you.


If you were to go outside, look up and all around you, you will no doubt witness God’s excellent greatness, His mighty acts and wondrous works. This should automatically create within you a well, an ocean and a rich reservoir of thanksgiving to God, Creator of Heaven and earth. He is the Light that makes your paths clear and straight.  God gives you the power to create your wealth.

One by one, implement the above components into every aspect of your business and watch out…your breakthrough is here!!! Enjoy it and thank God for it all. 

Always remember, with trust and faith in God, you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.  There are no limits on your life; only endless doors and windows of opportunities being presented to you daily to help you to flourish in your business and in every situation of your amazing and blessed life!

In His Heart,



Time Is One of The Most Important Factors

In the Lives of Entrepreneurs

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Time is the one thing that we cannot get back.  It is essential that you, as an entrepreneur, use your time intelligently.

Managing your time wisely is conducive to your success in business.

If you have been trying to manage your time in a manner that can be less stressful and you feel like you haven’t accomplished this goal, then let’s see how  you can manage your time and your business.

Here’s a small, but big list of what you can do to help you to manage your time in such a way that you feel you are getting things done in a timely and professional manner.

  1. When you wake up in the morning the first thing you should do is to give God an abundance of thanksgiving from the heart.
  2. Spend time reading, studying and meditating upon the Word of God. 
  3. Pray prayers of glory giving God all the glory He alone so richly deserves.
  4. Speak your daily affirmations over yourself and drop nuggets of encouragement right into your business.
  5. Write your daily to do list in your daily to do book. (if you don’t have one then you can create or buy one; or you can use 3×5 cards)
  6. Check and answer all pertinent emails.
  7. Enter into your office and get excited for the lessons you will learn, the lessons you will learn and for the money you will make. 

Related image

Remember, as you manage your time, it is important for you to stay in a positive frame of mind and always work in faith knowing that God is going to bless all of your endeavors. 

Always be brilliant in business because that’s who you are!

Cynthia G. Boyer


How To Stay Focused Everyday

This Founder Has a 5-Minute Secret Weapon

That Helps Her Focus Every Day

This Founder Has a 5-Minute Secret Weapon That Helps Her Focus Every Day

Four years ago, Shan-Lyn Ma came up with the idea for her wedding planning and registry company Zola when it felt like all of her friends were getting married.

Every time she had to navigate a wedding registry to pick out a gift, instead of excitement for the upcoming event, all she felt was irritation. “It was one of the worst ecommerce experiences I had ever had,” Ma recalled.

The Australian native knows a thing or two about creating successful ecommerce experiences. Before she co-founded Zola, Ma was the chief product officer of fashion and jewelry retailer Chloe + Isabel.

Prior to that, she was the senior director of product management at Gilt Groupe, where she helped develop the core site experience for the flash sale platform as well as all of the mobile web experiences. She was also the creator of Gilt Taste, the company’s food and wine division.

Since Zola’s launch in 2013, the company has helped more than 300,000 couples set up their wedding registries and the business carries over 450 brands. In the spring of this year, Ma and her team debuted Zola Weddings, a collection of wedding planning tools to make websites, manage guest lists and create customizable checklists.

For Ma, customer experience is her top priority. “[Zola Weddings] was created because we heard our couples ask us if we could build these things for them. We built it to serve them in more ways.”

We caught up with Ma and asked her 20 questions to figure out what makes her tick.

1. How do you start your day?
I start by taking my dog out for a walk, and I do The Five Minute Journal [inspirational journal], 10 minutes of meditation and then I think about the top three things I want to move forward at work that day. It helps me focus throughout the rest of the day and not be as stressed out about the hundreds of things I have to do.

2. How do you end your day?
I do The Five Minute Journal again, do some reading before bed and take my dog out. I found that The Five Minute Journal in particular helps me because even if there were 95 things that I didn’t get done, there were some things I was able to push forward, and it reminds me that it was a good, productive day.

3. What’s a book that changed your mind and why?
The book I’m reading right now is Merchant Princes by Leon Harris. It’s about the families that built the great department stores. It’s interesting to me because I’ve been thinking a lot about how the traditional department stores are struggling to survive. My thinking was that they hadn’t innovated in a while and that’s why they were struggling. “But what the book showed me was that they have endured so many retail trends over so many decades, and what’s amazing is that they survived for as long as they have.”  It reinforced for me that retail and ecommerce always come back to the same principles: selection, convenience and price.

4. What’s a book you always recommend and why?
My favorite book is called Inspired: How To Create Products Customers Love by Marty Cagan. I love this book and have read it many times over the years. It really helps you understand how to take something from an idea to then test it and verify it as something that customers will want to use. And then how do you actually bring it to scale and work with a team to continue to develop that product and move it forward.

5. What’s a strategy to keep focused?
Nothing beats the simple to-do list and checking off boxes.

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6. When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be like Jerry Yang, the founder of Yahoo. I wanted to be the founder of a company that shaped the world and had a big impact. Just the fact that he came up with the idea to catalog the worldwide web and give everyone access to the internet in a way that was fun and irreverent was something that moved me. It was the reason why I moved to Silicon Valley, went to business school and chose to work at Yahoo for my first job in the United States.

7. What did you learn from the worst boss you ever had?
The worst boss I ever had took a piece of work that I had done, which I knew I hadn’t delivered my best on, and complimented it as a great piece of work. The result of him accepting and rewarding what I knew to be substandard work made me no longer want to work with him. I knew I wasn’t going to be pushed to be better. “My lesson from that is when I lead people, I push them. I think if you’re not challenging your team to do better, you are doing them a disservice.”

8. Who has influenced you most when it comes to how you approach your work?
I have been fortunate to work with Kevin Ryan, who is a great New York serial entrepreneur. I learned from him the importance of hiring great people, letting them run their own functional business and pushing them harder when needed.

9. What’s a trip that changed you?
I immigrated to three different countries. Every one of those was life changing, but I would say my move from Australia where I grew up to Silicon Valley to go to business school. It changed my worldview about what I thought I could be, what I wanted to be. It made dreaming big feel really possible. It felt like, why shouldn’t I be able to go out and start a company like Yahoo?

10. What inspires you?
I am a bit of an ecommerce nerd. The things I get inspired by are people and companies that are rethinking ecommerce in new ways. For example, Stitch Fix and the founder Katrina Lake. I think she is inspiring in the way that she is rethinking how people understand fashion.

Marc Lore who founded Jet and sold it to Walmart. He is inspiring in that he is taking one of the biggest retail giants of all time [in Amazon].

At Zola, we’re constantly thinking about how we can reinvent ecommerce for our customers, millennial couples who are in the process of getting married. We look at these examples of companies who have done it other spaces and think about how we can apply it to weddings and wedding registries.

11. What was your first business idea and what did you do with it?
In high school I got to do a small-business activity, where we would form teams and come up with an idea, put it together and sell it. We came up with an idea for a stress-relief kit. We would fill balloons with rice to make stress balls. What was great about the activity was these teams were competing against each other to see who could generate the most business out of their idea. We were the first in our city, and I think also our state. A lot of it came down to sales. I found that I was able to drive the most sales for my team, because I was willing to stay out longer than anyone else to keep selling, and winning was something I found I loved.

12. What was an early job that taught you something important or useful?
When I was young I decided that I would spend part of a summer building a vegetable garden in the backyard. A lot of the soil in that part of Australia is clay and hard to dig, so I was basically digging concrete. Everyone told me that it couldn’t be done. I ended up digging for the whole summer, all day long for hours to show everyone that it could be done. And at the end of the summer I had a garden.

13. What’s the best advice you ever took?
The best piece of advice is the same as some of the worst piece of advice. I learned it from a favorite lecturer at business school. The advice is: the only thing that matters in startups is product market fit. Now that I’ve had a few years to think about it, what makes it great advice is that if you don’t have it, nothing else matters — you essentially don’t have a company. But once you have it, you need to keep pushing to make sure that you are building a company on top of that foundation of a product market fit..

In my current role, in the first two years of the business, we could see very clearly that we had product market fit. We had a service that people loved and told their friends about. We had explosive organic growth and that was the foundation. What we’ve spent the last few years doing is scaling and growing the business based on what we are hearing from our customers, what they are telling us they would like to see us grow into and making sure it’s sustainable over the long run.

14. What’s the worst piece of advice you ever got?
The reason why I think the [above] advice sometimes does a disservice to entrepreneurs stems from my experience when I was at Gilt Groupe. I think we did have a product that people loved, and it grew really quickly. But that underlying business model was very challenging for Gilt. It required thousands of people that made it really tough to sustain. I think that was a great example that product-market fit isn’t sufficient.

15. What’s a productivity tip you swear by?
Coffee. It’s the main thing that keeps me productive — not too much, not too little.

16. Is there an app or tool you use in a surprising way to get things done or stay on track?
I’ve tried a number of different tools and hacks, but I keep on coming back to the simple to-do list.

17. What does work-life balance mean to you?
To know oneself, what works for you and to stay true to that. I’m someone that likes to be on top of my work, so I’m not the kind of person who can tune out for an entire weekend or a whole vacation; I find that more stressful. I prefer to check in and respond regularly — that makes me feel less stressed out than if things are piling up.

18. How do you prevent burnout?
I am a big fan of sleep. I think of weekends as a prime time to catch up on sleep. It’s a luxury that helps me stay sane.

19. When you’re faced with a creativity block, what’s your strategy to get innovating?
I love to walk near water. As someone who grew up in Sydney, a city surrounded by water, it’s something I miss. Now I make an effort to walk somewhere near water whenever I feel like I am facing a hard problem that I have to think creatively about.

20. What are you learning now?
Every day I’m learning more about leading a fast-paced tech startup. I’ve learned the most from the many experiments we run within every function every day. We’re all learning together. I used to think the great startups knew what they were doing and there were playbooks you could apply. I’m realizing that every situation is so different based on industry, people and timing. You need to test all the hypotheses and see what works for your particular case.

You Define Greatness

You Define Greatness.

Never Ever Stop Doing What You Were Born To Do

You Have the Power, Knowledge,

Skill Set, Heart and Mind To Do Amazing!

Image result for women great

Greatness.  It’s who you are and it’s what you do.  Great things.  Amazing things.  Phenomenal things. 

Growing up and now looking back at my childhood and the people I grew up with I realize that we all possessed something spectacular. We were all so very unique. There was definitely something special about us. I think about how smart we were. I reflect and can now clearly see that we were beyond gifted with the awesome and amazing ability to do just about anything our hearts and minds shared with us.

I am sure most of us ignored our callings and did what we thought was normal or perhaps right which was to go to college get a degree and enjoy some kind of career. Pondering all these things I think most of us missed out on our greatness. We missed the plane of something that could have possibly soared us to our individual destinations and even greater. I believe in my heart that all of us could have skipped college. We could have created, designed and built our own empires from our minds alone. That’s how phenomenally gifted and skilled we were and probably still are. 

I say this to say that no matter where you are in your life, it’s never too late for you to do what your heart is leading, guiding and directing you to do.  It is important that you realize what that is, devise a plan and execute your plan with faith in God. 

Go Ahead and Soar!

You Know You Can

Related image result

Now that I am a little older and just a tad bit wiser which stems from my own personal life experiences, I am finally walking and soaring through the doors of all the opportunities that are constantly being presented to me.  I want to tell you that each and every new business venture is just an extension of my two main businesses that I enjoy building a little more everyday.  We all know that God is infinite and this simply means that you will never ever run out of ideas to continually increase your revenue from the ever overflowing reservoir that is filled with chances for you to be a blessing to others and for you to earn a living for yourself. 

If things are still the same where your business is concerned or maybe even your life and you’re not where you had hoped to be right now at this very moment, then it is imperative for you to take a look at your business and see where you need to improve certain aspects or perhaps remove certain components of your new ones and replace them with new ones.  Go to God and ask Him to reveal what He sees in your business that need improvement.  Trust Him to answer.  Remember when you ask God for His help it is essential that you be sill and wait patiently for Him to answer.  He will.  Don’t be anxious and jump ahead of Him.  Running your business is a marathon and not a sprint.  Keep your faith in Him.  I have learned the importance of waiting on God. It builds patience, trust and it helps you to deepen your faith in Him.  There is no better way to run your business.  When you hear God speak then apply whatever He tells you to your business and watch, in excitement, your success go to the next 100 levels, one dream, goal and vision at a time.  This is the start of your success, abundance and prosperity.  

Be blessed and remember to always bless your business.

It Begins with You First

Becoming A Highly Successful Women Entrepreneur Consists of Having The Most Authentic System In Place That Leads To Your Abundance, Prosperity and Financial Wealth






It begins with you first.  Building a business begins with life and it starts with you.  Starting a building and blazing your brand stems from lessons you’ve learned, your gifts and skill set. 

Before you start writing your business plans there are systems that you need to have in place to build a successful business.  The systems I am talking about begins with those treasures inside you.  Before you begin to explore and discover your gold you must get unstuck.  After you remove all the negative energy from your life in addition to all the other things you need to resolve and those pertinent components you need to apply to your life it is then that you can confidently begin to build and enjoy a thriving and prospering business.

My Gold Program was written to help you to effectively and positively change what needs to be changed in your life.  It’s just that simple.  I know, because I have had major personal struggles that I had to overcome.  Once I realized how desperate I was for change, I had to pen this information that the Holy Spirit helped me to write.  I am never ashamed to tell you that my struggles were real and yet they were a true blessing for they truly changed and impacted my life in a major way and now I am, plain and simple, a peaceful luminous being with enjoys many successful work at home businesses.  It has taken me a lot longer than most people, but as I always say I am exactly where I am supposed to be and I am overjoyed and I want you to feel the same.

This program has changed my life.  Living life has changed my life.  I hope you will think about what changes you’d like to make in your life in an effort to start, soar and prosper your own business.  I hope this program blesses you! 

Go here to find out how you can get started today and enjoy the success your life and business deserves!

The Sky and You

The Sky is Not The Limit. There Are An Abundance of Gifts Breathing Inside of You Just Waiting for You To Execute God’s Amazing Plan for Your Life to Help You To Soar to Infinity and Beyond!


Good Day Women of Excellence,

I wanted to write this post today in hopes of offering and providing you with some super powerful prosperity nuggets and along with words of encouragement. 

I love sharing what the Holy Spirit speaks to my heart because I believe that this is how we, as women and sisters, grow in life as well as in business.  I am constantly learning new things in business and that’s because I rely and truly depend on God’s Holy Spirit to always counsel me and that He does; I am forever grateful.  His wisdom is infinite which means that new and exciting opportunities that pertain to my businesses are being presented to me on a weekly basis.  

I’m sure you’ve heard the old cliche, the sky is the limit.  Well, the sky is not the limit because when you think about your gifts and your own personalized unique skill set it is then that you think about just how powerful you really are.  Why not take all that God has gifted you and use them in such a way that it brings God glory and it impacts your life profoundly.  There are no limits.  There is a reservoir inside of you and that means you can create and design a business so special that it has the potential to stream from it as much money that you need it to. It all begins with you and recognizing your wonderful talents and your willingness to use what God has blessed you with.  You see, God has opened His good treasure, the heavens and loves to see you succeed in whatever your goals are. 

You Are All Women of Excellence. 

God is in you and that means you can do anything with confidence.  You are fearless, bold, courageous, bountiful and plentiful.  You are a thriving harvest and you never stop growing.  Now is the time for you to activate and execute all that has filled up in the cup of your heart just waiting for you to add those next ten steps to your ladder.  It’s time for you to light that fire and start working like you’re running in a marathon.  Now remember starting, running and promoting your business and making millions of dollars is not a sprint. It is the most enjoyable learning experience you could ever imagine.  As your business unfolds one goal at a time I promise you will be amazed at your own potential and the potential of your business.

God has equipped you with all the tools you need to blaze your brand, to make it stand out like Nike, Mercedes Benz and all those great logos and emblems that, when you see their brand without ever seeing a name attached to it, you automatically know who the owner is.  I believe in my heart that you, too, deserve this kind of recognition.

Now is the time for you to go to the next level of greater, amazing, phenomenal and awesome because that’s who you are.  Well, if you believe this then let’s just do it and while you’re doing it don’t you ever forget to give God the glory and thank Him for having created you and for the incredible woman and entrepreneur that you are or have the potential to become!

Be blessed,




Your Business

Your Business is You, Your Incredible Gifts Along with Your Unique Great Skill Set That Can Make You Tons of Money!

It’s Thursday afternoon and the rain is pouring.  It’s cold and I am loving it! 

I want to write this post, to once again, remind you that you are women of excellence.  Your unique skill set and ability to get things done in a professional, timely and phenomenal manner places you in a position to create your wealth and not just your finances.  You have been blessed beyond belief, beyond measure to do some magnificent things in business.  You just have to believe that you can and if you’ve already built and branded your empire, then you already know just how great you truly are and your greatness has led to your amazing success

As virtuous women entrepreneurs opportunities will always be presented to you.  When one chapter ends another chapter is waiting to be written.  Take out your journal or notebook.  It’s time to start planning what your next move will be.  It’s time to create your dream/vision board.  It’s time to envision your goals and how you will execute your new plan for building the next extension to for your dynasty.

Look out into the universe; there you will see your prosperity. 

When I think about how God created, formed and laid the foundation of the earth, I think abundance and that’s who you are abundance. 

Be blessed and use the gifts God has given you as you swim in the sea of unlimited potentiality.  In that sea you will find your financial wealth and without fear, you can build and blaze your brand like never before.

Written by Cyndi

Manifesting Money

The True Art of Manifesting Money

It Begins with You!

The art of manifesting money is an amazing life-loving journey that can truly impact lives in an incredible way.  Manifesting money is an art that once you discover how you can get money flowing into your life you will start to see other miracles happening all around you.  You are going to be in awe once you begin to implement these profound and life changing tools into your being.  Your life is going to change in ways you’d never expect. 

You are going to be super and I do mean beyond excited when you start to see your business and your life encounter greater success than you ever thought possible.

Once you discover the pure goodness in the art of manifesting money with our MATH Course, Money in Abundance with Thanksgiving from the Heart, you will start to see all kinds of incredible changes taking place in your life as well as in your business.

I wrote this MATH course because I want my Sister entrepreneurs to enjoy the same financial success that I enjoy everyday of my life.

If you want to get money flowing into your life right now, I invite you to order my ebook, MATH and watch for the goodness and success that promises to change not only your business, but your life and everything that is a part of who you are. 

Still Stuck?

Not For Another Nano Second!

It’s March 2017, soon to be April 2017.  Are you still having trouble moving into the next phase of your business?  As Entrepreneurs, not only should you be adding new chapters to your book as you tell and share your story about your entrepreneurial journey, but you should be adding new steps to your own unique and personalized ladder every month. This is your season to enjoy great success.  Every month you should be writing new thank you’s in your journal for having been gifted with amazing and phenomenal!

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 Let’s Work Towards Getting You Out of Stuck Now!

If you’re an entrepreneur and you’re stuck in the same place as you were December 31, 2016, then it is imperative that you apply a few new business changing elements to ensure you never find yourself stuck again. Let’s get you moving into the flow of making exciting happen even if it’s just a little everyday.

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Think about all the things you are doing that are not working for you. Let’s scan and purge all files and notes. If they are not serving you well or at all, then delete them or you can store them in your archives if you think you may need to refer to them later at some point during your entrepreneurial journey. Yes. You are on a life altering g journey swimming the sea of unlimited potentiality.


You need to continue making a daily list of things to do. Write down your goals and as you work towards achieving them remember that you’re running a marathon. Not a sprint. Take your time just simply trusting and believing that you will attain your goals. Enjoy learning new things that will challenge you.  You will prosper.  You’re on the pathway to learning new things about yourself as you dive into growing your business a little more than the day before. This is how you learn to really appreciate using all that God gives you because all the things you are implementing into your business makes you think and say to yourself, “Wow this lesson that I just learned is phenomenal brilliant!” It will also help to boost your business and illuminate your brand.

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Be thankful and sincerely grateful for the awesome business woman you have become. You’re wise. Intelligent. Brilliant. Proficient. Talented. Skilled and gifted. You demonstrate excellence in all aspects of your business. Take your God gifted tools and use them to your advantage, always with thoughts of being a help and blessing to others. There are blessings in blessing others but remember to do it from the heart.  If one of your many goals is to make money, then you will need to incorporate the above to manifest rows of money in fields of abundance.  If you want to continually grow money then you it is imperative that you water your fields and watch your harvest come in by simply using your gifts and skills and pour your passion into your business as you plant seeds to fulfill your every dream wish and goal.

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There are countless ways to make money if this is your goal. You are resources and for those in need you are support. Here are some fantastic ways for you to make additional money to supplement what you already have:

Write an ebook and share that valuable information stored in the treasure chest of your heart and don’t be afraid that someone may steal your idea. No worries. God will protect all that He’s given you to share. Remember He’s faithful. Just think of the feeling that will encompass just knowing that you are sincerely being a help to others.

  • Give a free coaching session even if you’re not a coach because you really are a coach.
  • Create, design and sell a product that can help to bless and or perhaps transform a soul.
  • Teach a class.
  • Give a webinar. 
  • Create your own brand of tee shirts.
  • Make jewelry at your dining room table.  Gather some girlfriends together and ask them to help you. 
  • Design gift baskets as give-always.
  • Open an Etsy shop.
  • Start a blog that you can attach to your website.
  • Join affiliate programs that will allow money to stream into your life and business.
  • Write a monthly newsletter and offer to add something of great value to your audience.

These are just some business building tips that you can use to grow and prosper your business and promises to bring more money flowing into your business.  Think positively.  Encourage yourself. Give God thanks and believe that you can do all things through Christ.  Go on now and move that mountain.  You are powerful!

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It’s Time to Rejuvenate. 

Explore and Discover your infinite gemstones!

Their hidden in your garden!!!

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Spring has arrived. Let us give thanks to God for His faithfulness and goodness.

Winter has gone and Spring is here.  Even though Winter has departed, we can still feel the crispness of chill in the wee hours of the morning and in the evening when the sun has set. 

In this new season there is much to be done.  Pretty soon it will be time for us to pull up the weeds and replace them with perennials and annuals.  We want our garden to be a breath-taking, awe-inspiring garden, a rich and bountiful harvest thriving with a spectrum of vibrant, bold and beautiful colors just like you.

Being one of God’s Virtuous Women Business Owners says a lot about you as a woman.  First of all you are brilliant.  It’s how you were created.  You’re beyond intelligent.  It’s just your mindset.  You possess this inner glow, that special light that never flickers.  You are a gemstone.  You are truly a luminous being and because you are this rare commodity, you have the gifts, skill set, proficiency and authority to do great things.  Being all of the above comes from within. 

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Being a business owner means demonstrating and showing your customers that you are so much more than just someone who can provide a service or even perhaps offer a word of life-changing advice to someone in need.  When you take everything that God has clothed you with, your wisdom, knowledge, compassion, passion, understanding, patience, generosity, gifts and you begin to swim in the sea of unlimited potential you become the entrepreneur you were meant to be. 

Living your life to the fullest is not only about being an entrepreneur, but it’s about using the abundance that is deep within to pursue your dreams and make them come to fruition, truly full circle while being a blessing to others.  This is how you experience success.  This is how your business breathes by you being the phenomenal woman that you are first and displaying your wonderment each and everyday.  When people see you they should always recognize immediately upon looking at your radiance and countenance that you are an awesome woman of God first and this is exactly how you have built your empire.  Be proud of the woman you have become. 


You Define It

Related imageWhen you think of abundance does wealth, prosperity and riches enter into your thoughts or is it money that seeps into your mind. Does the word abundance and it’s meaning stop at the doors of your life or does it go beyond flowing over into every aspect of your business. If not, it should. 

Your business is a part of you. You breathed life into it. You feed and nourish it everyday. You create goals around your business. It is an entity that has great potential and with your unique skills that you continually hone your business thrives and flourishes like a beautiful healthy garden where the hues of your flowers are vibrant, colorful and full of life. 

To truly enjoy the abundance of gifts that God has awaiting your business and you, always remember to give God the Father glory. Be thankful unto Him and bless His holy name. 

Receive and accept God’s great plans for your business. Apply His plans for your business to your empire. Allow His principles to become a part of how you do business to ensure even greater success throughout your years in business.

As the money flows into your empire always give a portion of your earnings to advance God’s kingdom work. Be kind to your customers. Listen to them. Give them what they need. You are a blessing to them. Remember you have what they need. Remember you have and continue to provide a service or product that have deeply impacted their life in a positive and major way. You are unique and so is your brand. This is how you have been able to stay afloat and thrive where your business is concerned. Opportunities come and never stop. Turn them into a million dollars. 

From Him. For Him.

Using Our Gifts From God. For God.


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If you’re reading this Holy Spirit gifted post then it means you’ve been blessed to see and bask in another brand new day of life.  Another day to perhaps get right what you need to get or make right. Only you know what that is.

For me it is constantly working to update certain things about my businesses and blogs that have been given to me from God the Father and from the mind and heart of those who have been blessed with the knowledge to see and know the things that I didn’t know and therefore could not see.

What is it for you that you feel you need to change or update where your business is concerned.  Whatever it is now is the time to get it all done.  So from this day forth I want you to let your light shine and glorify God as you heed His wise counsel. There is no better way to do business. 

Here’s a story I want to share with you that may be of some amazing value to you in some.  It is also my hope that you take and apply this great information to whatever area your business needs it most. 

Agnes Ikotun

Agnes Ikotun

Years ago I met a very lovely young lady. Her name is Agnes Ikotun. She is a website designer and owner of AI Web Designs. Her work is exceptional and her business knowledge is vast. Her heart is sincere and because of her honesty she was kind enough to share some valuable things with me about my businesses that have helped me to see that my unlimited potential is even more unlimited than I thought, if that makes sense. 

I love how Agnes broke down and explained to me that I need to update some things about my design business.  I am forever grateful because I love it when we, as women of God, are willing to open our hearts and pour blessings into each others business which in turn affects our lives.

Agnes has helped me to change the way I see my businesses.  She is helping me to make the necessary changes with Cyndi’s Light Work Designs to keep my business afloat. When I reached out to Agnes in December 2016 to ask her about helping me to restructure my website for Cyndi’s Light Work Designs I had no idea that I was going to learn the priceless information she has gifted me. As an entrepreneur Agnes believes in us helping one another. Isn’t this a form of love ladies. I love to be a blessing to others. This, I will always believe, is what life is all about and I believe it starts from God and then doing it all for Him.  It is then that we can help each other. This will help to ensure that your business is sustained for years to come along with the success that you truly deserve. 

Be blessed God’s Virtuous Women Entrepreneurs.

Written by Cynthia G. Boyer



Information Abundance

That’s Who You Are!

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You are information abundance. You are a brilliant woman entrepreneur.  Your business is an extension of your life. You are the heart of your business. Your life and light reflects all the goodness your business was created and designed to be which is to be a help to others. If there is anything you are withholding that continues to lay dormant in your luminous being, please let it out and share it with the world. You created your business to change and bless lives. If you touch one person and they are blessed by whatever product or service you offer or provide I sincerely believe that their life has been changed or has the potential to change at some point and time, all for the betterment of their home and/or environment. 

Now is the time to pour everything into your business that is in your reservoir, you, attach passion to it and make your dynasty even more successful then it already is or everything that it has the potential to become. 

You are abundance filled with a well of overflow. As you swim in the sea of unlimited potentiality you can never run out of ways to leverage your business and make it even greater. While you may not think that this is possible remember that you have endless possibilities for growing your business. This is how you stay inspired. This should be where your motivation comes from just knowing that God opens one door and then the next as long as you stay true to Him, to yourself and to your business. You may as well make a beeline to Office Depot, Staples or Dollar Tree and purchase a bulk of journals because God is promising to do new things for you. He knows what you are capable of producing and doing. He sees all that you are doing with the gifts He has given you. He’s going to bless your deeds and actions in ways you only dream about. All of this is real. You better believe that you have an amazing journey ahead of you.

I want you to enjoy and love working your business. It’s a part of you. You birthed it. You nourish it  and it grows. You bless it and it flourishes.  So if there is anything on your plate in reference to your business is not feeding you nor your business scrape it off your plate right at this very moment. There’s never a need for you to be all over the map. Having too much on your plate should never make you feel important. Doing what the Holy Spirit instructs you to do and you heeding His every word should make you feel all the more awesome and highly blessed and favored because you are important to Him. When it comes to being an entrepreneur you excel because you belong to God. It is with the blessings of His infinite wisdom that you do all that is exclusive to you.

Be the phenomenal entrepreneur you were born to be. Be blessed. 

Written by Cynthia G. Boyer

Now Is The Time

Now Is The Time To Plant Those Seeds

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 Now is the time to sow seeds in the richest soil of your business, yes that would be you, and allow them to take root by watering them with your gifts and knowledge. Your seeds will grow and your increase shall be a bountiful harvest.  Don’t ever forget that you have unlimited potential to grow your business into fields of prosperity and abundance.

It’s time to think of your business like a garden. How does a garden grow. Think about it. Apply this same wealth of information to your business and increase your sales today.  

It’s February, but for the most part the days have been pretty mild with a few cold days here and there. Most landscaping businesses are preparing and gearing up for the humming of their lawn mowers. Their customers will need to have their lawns manicured. Their goal is lots of greenery to beautify and compliment the exterior of their homes. The landscaping businesses start planning and planting seeds early so that by the time April and May usher in the lawns of their customers have been fed and nourished with those vibrant green grass enhancing products they use or create themselves. 

Let’s take a look at your business. Is it where you want or need it to be. Are you really making money or is there something lacking in your business. Could it be that you’re not getting enough traffic or leads because in order to make money you must have massive traffic going to your website. This can be hard to accomplish if you don’t have or aren’t using the right tools and please know and understand that with the correct tools your business can soar like a city fenced up to heaven.

So, where are you in your business right now? If you’re struggling ask yourself what you can do differently to make an impact on/in your business. Study your business. See what you can improve upon. Does anything need to be changed?  Evaluate your business. Take your time and really think about all these things. You have great potential. You are awesome and sometimes it just takes positive words to affirm your greatness to remind yourself that yes I can do this. Also don’t ever be afraid to ask for help if you really feel you need it. Everybody needs help from an advisor, coach or mentor from goal-to-goal, dream-to-dream. You’d be surprised how your business can jump from one level to the next ten levels if you just ask for help and if you do decide to ask for help and you feel it resonates with you then make sure you apply it to your business.

I hope that this little piece of information is an enormous piece of information that has done just that. To God be all the glory!!!! Be Blessed. 

Written by Cynthia G. Boyer

Soar and Sell

Give Your Business a Boost

Planting Seeds of Words of Encouragement Everyday

Into Your Mind and Heart for Every Aspect of Your Business


You maybe wondering why I wrote soar and sell instead of sell and soar. It would be beyond easy to just say what you know is the obvious; sell and soar. If you have a product and you make a sell your energy level soars through the roof.

So instead of doing the norm, let’s create a new way of manifesting your wealth. 

Let’s get real excited.  I want you to write down those things that you want to help make your life a lot easier and more productive.  You have been giving and so very generous in providing for others what they need, now it’s time for you to do the same for  yourself.  So, to change your current financial forecast let’s get excited and soar in your business.  Everyday when you enter into your office or work space, I want you to say to yourself, blank is going to soar today!  Visualize this and watch your product start selling like never before.  Is it just that simple.  You’d better BELIEVE it!

You Have So Much Talent

Use What God Has Gifted You

To The Fullest of Your Potential

You have so much talent. So why are you stopping there. You are beyond gifted. In addition to your gifts and talents you have an abundance of tools swimming in the sea of unlimited potentiality. These tools, you know the ones that are relevant to your business, can make an enormous difference in how successful your empire can be. You just need to know what tools you need to use, like having systems in place. You don’t want to use anything that isn’t relevant to your dynasty.

A Gift Just For You

Coming Soon!

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I am euphoric, exuberant, jubilant and clothed in excitement about the most spectacular gift I am about to share with you.  It is chain breaking, stress relieving, fear releasing. It’s wonderment. It is amazement. It is a reservoir. It is rain from heaven. It is manna. It is nourishment. It is empowerment. It is riches abounding in abundance and wealth for your life. It is hope.  It is energy. It is fuel. and majorly impacting. I hope you find it enriching, enlightening and forever eye-opening and positive thinking which is life-loving and powerfully life changing. 

It is the ultimate invitation you will be overjoyed to receive and accept.  It is going to change your life.  I am about to jump out of my skin because I am about to give you what God has given me. Can you think of anything greater than this. To receive gifts and blessings from the Source of my strength. My everything. My all and all. My One and Only Dearest best and closest Friend. He knows my heart. He always have had my best interest at heart, as He does yours, and His plans for my life have been incredible. All the people in the world with the highest degrees could not even come close to devising a plan like the one God has penned for me. I am grateful. 

Now. This is all about you. It is for you!!  And like I love to say; It is as real as real gets and oh did I say it is authentic. Well it is because it is from God the Father. I take no credit at all. He gets all the glory and I know He truly deserves all the glory. 

He created you. Wonderful you are. Your beauty is beautiful from the texture of your tresses to the tone of your skin, your eyes , nose and everything about you is breathtaking because you were created by the Hands of a phenomenal and loving Father. He is desirous of your success. He’s given you a reservoir overflowing with His riches. He knows your needs. He wants you to have the desires of your heart so please stay tuned for there is a bounty, a rich harvest is coming your way!

The Impact

God’s Virtuous Woman Entrepreneur

You Ladies Are Simply Brilliant!!!

This is the year that you impact your business which means you are really going to impact your life!  Every area of your life. 

Today is the day you renew your spirit. Now is the time for you to shine in brilliance. This moment is the second that you alter your life. Speak truth into your heart. 

Pour out your passion into the place where God has placed His name; your business. Being an entrepreneur means propelling your business onto a path of prosperity. It means being of phenomenal life changing service to those in dire need. It means being the attraction and center of attention in the world of entrepreneurs. It means being the Christian woman business owner with answers to questions to those who ask the questions. It means demonstrating and displaying the gifts that were birthed with you when you made your entrance into the world. It means sharing the testimony of your journey. It means planting and watering the seeds of freshly seasoned entrepreneurs. It means thanking God for giving you the dream, goal and vision along with the faith and trust to change your own life present and future in such an awe-inspiring way. 

Believe in yourself.  It’s the only way to live!

Boyer Acquisitions

Equals Streams of Income

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Most people go into business for themselves for numerous and different reasons. I started my business simply because I am passionate about creating, designing and writing. I  cannot put into words the feeling that envelopes me when I begin to write a beautiful real-life short story. Whenever I write a heartfelt poem warmth sinks deep into my spirit and I have to tell you when I create a Vincent Vangoh like masterpiece (in my mind anyway) it becomes the therapy and peace I love and welcome. That’s when I know the Holy Spirit is clearly speaking to me just like now as I’m writing this post. When He speaks to my heart and tells me the colors to piece together I’m on a whole new planet in a world all by myself. I can’t explain it really. So starting my own business has been birthed from the gifts God gave me along with the desire to be my own boss without having a salary cap I would have to agree to if I worked for someone else. My gifts and skill set are priceless and because countless opportunities are always being presented to me I will always walk the path of unlimited potentiality which means I will always make money. 

Now anyone can have in place one to seven streams of income but what is the reason behind these multiple streams?  Ok. Let me explain exactly what I mean. My son is the owner of a conglomerate; Boyer Acquisitions  and under his empire’s umbrella are multiple businesses. Many of those businesses I founded and own. I have about ten business. Three of those businesses are strictly to be a blessing in my efforts to help and bless other.  My other businesses have been setup to have money flowing into my businesses from the ocean of my unlimited potential. Now in being completely honest some of my businesses are making pennies with the great potential to make thousands and then my other business have me in a completely different tax bracket to the tune of I never ever have to worry about money for the rest of my life. Now if you have three streams or seven streams of income it’s fine. It just depends on whether seven streams versus three streams of income works. Three streams of income could be that the money is consistently flowing in but not in large sums or vice versa. Now seven streams may be sending you large quantities of money but just from two or three of your business. I don’t think it matters if you have three or seven streams of income flowing into you. What matters here is that you’re making the kind or amount of money you need to keep your life and your business afloat and well managed and maintained on a rock solid super strong foundation built on the word of God. What’s also important here is that you use your gifts and skill set to bring glory to God. Be thankful unto Him and bless His holy name. He is going to give you the power to get wealth. Be passionate about your passion. Don’t ever give up. If things appear to be slow just stay consistent and watch your business take off!  I’ve been there and I’m still working and living what I’m doing; this right here. Helping and hopefully being a blessing to you all. I give God glory!!!

Business Success

What Are The Requirements?

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Do you know what is required for you to have a truly successful business. Do you know the essential components to building your business and igniting your brand. A business that stands firm on a mountain sized foundation. A business that, when the competition sees you it embraces you. Impactful, profound and powerful your deep seeded passion really does fuel your desire to propel your empire out into the light of God’s glory.  You and your business are more than just another business and you’re more than just partners. You are a story that others business owners want to hear and read all about. Something like when you read an interview or article from mark Cuban explaining how to make millions of dollars everything around you tunes out and he has your undivided attention.  This is priceless information that you simply cannot afford to ignore. 

Starting a business can be and should be the rewarding and amazing venture you expect it to be because it teaches you so much about yourself. It teaches you how intelligent you are. It teaches you responsibility, time management and how to stay organized. Starting a business teaches you a great deal about business and all the pieces to the puzzle that you will need to start manage and grow your business. Do you know that before you delve into building your business you need to have a system in place that will guarantee your success. Here they are:

  • Thanksgiving
  • Faith
  • Confidence
  • God’s principles
  • Strength the mindset
  • Authenticity
  • Courage