Take It Off The Shelf

Dust It Off and Use Your Gift

It’s time to take your business off the shelf. If you started a business and became discouraged because your business didn’t take off the way you expected then its time to rethink your strategy and take your business off the shelf. Maybe the business you tempted may not have been right for you, but it doesn’t mean that you have to walk away from your dreams of being an entrepreneur.

Here you are, a brilliant and intelligent woman.  You are unique in every way.  You are clothed in thankfulness and now it’s time to go the mile to conquer all that has been instilled in you.  You are of great value.  You are this phenomenal pioneer, a leader and an awesome woman of God.  It’s time to take your place in this universe going places and doing things no one has ever done before.  Don’t ever be afraid.  Just do what you know is in your heart to do.  So now, it’s time to take your business off the shelf.  Dust it off once and for all and just start using your gifts to build a new life for you and your family.

Women Entrepreneurs

Be Bold and Just Be Courageous

It’s a new time in your life.  It’s time to be bold and courageous.  It’s time to revive and empower your life and become the entrepreneur you were born to be. It’s time to take that first step to awaken your spirit, to be strong, confident, bold and courageous.  You can do it.  Jus take that first step and prepare to take your journey and never ever let go of your dreams!  


You never let go of your dreams. You simply put them on the shelf along with your gifts.  It’s time for you to shine.  It’s time for you to reign powerful and strong.  No more putting off what you already know you can do.  You are a child of God which says it off. No more fear and definitely no more excused.  God has the most magnificent plan for you.  He just needs you to trust Him.  It’s time for you to walk in your faith and just live your dreams.  Take your business off the shelf, dust it off and live the dreams that live in your heart.