Open Your Gift Box

Open Your Gift Box

The Gift Box

Open your gift box and let’s see what’s inside!  Have you ever seen Ralph Lauren’s navy blue gift boxes.  They are elegant.  They are unique, crafted with the best materials ever.  They are lovely to the touch.  They are strong and awesome for gifting.  The look and feel of his gift boxes make you think that there will always be something of high quality and perfectly beautiful when unwrapped.  Even the tissue paper is of amazing quality.  Ralph Lauren’s gift boxes are so lovely that after you’ve opened them, you’ll want to keep them to regift over and over again.  They are just too nice to just toss to the side or throw out.  God’s gift boxes are the same, but what’s inside cannot be compared even to the most expensive diamond on the planet.  When God sends you a gift box it is important that you unwrap it, take out the gifts inside, use and cherish them forever. God never stops gifting.   

God has given you a gift box. It is a present. In that gift box are presents that contain your very unique gift; your talent; your skill set and your amazing ability to use your presents intelligently and wisely with knowledge and understanding.  These are just some of the tools that you need to cultivate a great business.  Your business will have the potential and power to alter lives.

Lets say you want to become a personal trainer. You yourself enjoy a very healthy lifestyle and you know the importance of eating to live. You have that magnificent body every woman wants. The body every woman dreams of displaying, giving her the confidence she never had before.  You know because you have heard women who have lost weight say how much better they feel and look. Hearing this is like the sound of a beautiful harp playing to your spirit soothing your soul. You take your idea making it a dream and turning into a vision to make it a reality.

Open Your Gift Box and Take Out Your Blessings 

Gift box

It’s a matter of brilliance.  It’s a matter of boldness.  It’s a matter of magnificence.  It’s a matter of confidence.  It’s a matter of courage.  It’s a matter of being who God says you are and moving forward to produce the spectacular that lies within you.  To use your gifts for God’s glory is to change your life.  It’s creating a new path of reality, living your dreams and being the woman, the entrepreneur who is brave enough to show your talents, your skill set and your uniqueness.  

Now is the time to unwrap your gift box and take out all the gifts, one by one that God has so graciously placed there.  If He has gifted you, you can rest assure that He will give you everything you need to design the business of your dreams and when it comes to fruition, you can sit back reflect and just say thank You God for believing in me even when I didn’t believe in myself.

All for His Glory

Cynthia G. Boyer