It’s Time to Make Money

It’s Time to Make MoneyMake money smarter

It’s time to make money because you deserve it!  

Are you an entrepreneur and you are not making money in your business?  If you are an entrepreneur and you need to make money, now is the time!  There is a large directory on the internet that contains some really great information on how to become an entrepreneur.  It will tell you how to start your business and maybe even what kind of business you can birth.  It will also tell you that you’ll need have a website presence, which of course includes a domain name and so on and so forth, but unfortunately the one thing that it doesn’t really tell you is how to make money right in the comfort of your own home. Now, you probably already know that there are a zillion businesses that you can start that has the potential to make you a lot of money; from typing and transcribing to crafting and designing, the list is endless. Anyone can be an entrepreneur, but not everyone is making the kind of money they expect to make when they envision becoming an entrepreneur.  When entrepreneurs open the doors to their own businesses they anticipate making a whole lot of money and why shouldn’t entrepreneurs dream of and work toward their financial wealth?  For some, this is the very reason that they start their own businesses in the first place; to make the kind of money they believe they deserve.  For many entrepreneurs they can’t seem to make enough money to buy gas for their cars.  Making money as an entrepreneur is just a dream they chase after every single day of their businesses.  What is the key to making the kind of money you really need on a weekly basis? It’s so much easier than you could ever imagine.

Make money in business

When you work for a small or large corporation you are guaranteed to collect a paycheck at the end of two weeks most of the time. It’s very rare that anyone gets paid on a weekly basis anymore. I don’t think anyone should have to wait two weeks to collect a paycheck after working diligently and being faithful to their employer by showing up to work five days a week working eight hours a day. Many people are choosing to start businesses of their own for many different reasons. Some people are just tired of being limited in terms of how much money they make. It takes a whole lot of money these days to make ends meet and when someone tells you how much your skills are worth, it can be discouraging. You already know how much you’re worth; you can’t put a price tag on it.  The zeros at the end of the number 10 never stops growing.  You are beyond brilliant, super intelligent, highly talented, truly gifted and you have the ability to utilize all of these components to make a highly profitable and successful business of your own.  

Your Passion 

Make Money in Business

Here you are gifted and blessed.  You see when you use your gifts you are thinking outside of the box to create and design a unique and highly powerful business of your very own which leads to achieving your goal of making money. It’s exciting and fulfilling when you decide to become a real business owner. You can leverage your business and make endless amounts of money daily if that’s your goal. It doesn’t have to be complicated and you certainly don’t need a college degree. Your college degree is your gift and vice versa. Make a design, put your name on it and hang it on your office wall in your home so that when people see it they will see that you have all the degrees you need; your gifts from God.

Making Money and a Whole Lot of It Because You Deserve It!

Steph Curry, One of the NBA’s Finest

Make Money Step Curry

Making money seems to be the hardest thing for entrepreneurs. People have you believing that they are making a mint when in reality they are not making a red penny at the close of the week and it shouldn’t be this way. You should be tapping into your reservoir of finances making six to seven figures every year. I have read that most businesses fail within the first five years after starting, but I just don’t believe nor do I accept this because if you are using the gifts God has bestowed upon you and you’re using them exactly how God is telling you to use them there is absolutely no way that you can fail. In fact I know for a fact that you can start making tons of money immediately after opening the doors of your business. When you launch your business you are launching your great success. When athletes get drafted in the NFL (National Football Association) or NBA (National Basketball Association) they don’t have to wait before they begin making money. They get enormous bonuses as soon as they get signed by their teams. Now I know that you’re probably thinking that these athletes are working for huge associations who pay their salaries, but the relevance is the same.  These spectacular athletes, well most of them any way, are using their God-given gifts and talents to play the game they love and they play it with passion.  

When Kobe Bryant, one of my favorite and best players to ever grace the game, entered into the NBA, his focus wasn’t on making millions of dollars.  He was focused on doing something he truly loved; playing the game of basketball and he mastered it like no other.  Kobe plays with passion and a whole of enthusiasm.  I say this to say that when you’re in business your focus should never be to make money, but to share your gifts and talents with the world and then you know what, the money will just flow to you!

Kobe Bryant Plays with Passion and Enthusiasm!

Kobe Bryant makes money doing what he loves

While I understand that you may not think its wise to compare your business to that of a pro athlete I think it’s wise to do so because you are just as talented as they are, probably even more so, and you deserve big bonuses as well you just have to understand that your bonuses and money will come in a different way, but you can best believe that it will come. Kobe Bryant spoke it, believed it and he received it all and so should you!!!!!!!

In my graphic design business I was making nine dollars a day but only here and there. It wasn’t consistent and that was my fault completely. To make the kind of money I dreamed about I knew I had to do things differently which was to change my mindset and speak encouragement over my business and my oh my did this prove fruitful for Cyndi’s Light Work Designs. Yes. It is just that easy. I wasn’t working harder, but instead  I started thinking smarter which changed the scope of my business completely.


When I started designing, my goal and hope was that people around the globe and across the pond would see my masterpieces and fall in love with them and that is exactly what has happened.  I never thought about how much money I could making selling my unique pieces of wall art, but just that people would see my works which glorify God.