Now Is The Time; Or Is It

Is This Your Time To Soar To Your Destiny

When I entered into corporate America in 1990 I quickly realized that it was not a good fit for me for various reasons, the number one factor being I could not utilize my God-given gifts and my oh my did and do I love using my gifts to glorify God. He gave me my gifts for a reason which is part of His plan for me. I am grateful. 

When I left corporate America in 2002, I decided that from that moment on I was going to work at home for myself.  It was then that I began my very short lived typing/secretarial business.  I immediately found myself jumping all over the map because there has always been a reservoir flowing inside of me and I needed to get it all out at the same and that was an enormous mistake from which I gleaned my success. With so much to share with women who were/are just like me I began a journey that would lead to nowhere ( all my fault). I started a graphic design business. I wrote children’s books. I took a coaching course and became certified. I started a gift basket business and too many more to name and list here. 

Fast Forward; Not My Time Yet

When my father went on dialysis I had to do everything humanly possible with all the power available to me to help him and my mother. When he passed I had to then help my mother. When she started to decline very slowly I took care of her. She moved into our home and I became her caregiver for 16 years. 

During the time of me giving my mother my life I really could not delve deep into my business to give it the attention it truly deserved, but not one time did I stop planning and writing. When my mother died a few months ago it was really difficult to get moving in my life and in my business. I found myself chained to the bed. It just wasn’t time for me to go back to work for myself. 

Now Is The Time. God’s Time; My Time. 

Here it is the beginning of December and I’m working part time, full time and overtime in my business and let me tell you I am delighted and beyond excited as I prepare to launch my new skincare product Beauty and the Face, Love for the Skin, Luxury in a Jar!  It has been a longtime coming and well worth the wait for me and I hope for all my potential customers. It’s funny how Beauty and the Face has evolved. I started a blog about seven years ago and I never thought in ten million years that I would be handcrafting butter for the body. 

I am finally on a journey that is promising to carry me on my life loving journey to fulfill my life long goals and live my dreams.

Am I grateful. Beyond thankful. I’m going to blow this one out of the water. Whose traveling with me. 

If there is anything you’ve been dreaming about but you are not sure about go to God in prayer and ask Him if this is your time for whatever it is you’ve been contemplating. He’ll tell you by giving you, one by one, each lesson He has planned for your life in your business. Now is the time and I pray that if it’s your time too that you will skyrocket and soar with pure excitement.

Be blessed.