Lift those Limimts

And Learn To Do Things Yourself

In February 2017, I had someone redesign my website, Cyndi’s Designs, for me.  I shared with her my vision for my website and even though it wasn’t exactly what I envisioned, it came out really nice. In October of 2017, I had someone design the website for my latest venture, love for the skin, luxurious body butter, Beauty and the Face, LLC. I also told her exactly what I envisioned for my website and even though it took much longer to launch then promised, this website came out okay as well. 

Now, here’s the problem with having someone create and design your website for you or at least for me, there are limits. Like working in corporate America there will always be limits placed on you starting with having a cap placed on your salary and then it goes on from there.  Your hands are somewhat tied in terms of being able to incorporate your genius ideas into projects you may be working on at your place of employment. 

For me, having someone else build my website for me is very limiting.  The website designer will lay out the terms for the site such as you get three free edits usually and that’s it; anything more you’ll have to pay for.  Now, I’ll admit that the latter website builder added some things to my site that I never thought of adding which was/is a bonus and plus for me, but when I asked her to add three words, she quickly replied that I cannot ask her to add anything else to the site that I OWN!! This for me was unacceptable and only because I didn’t really bother her throughout the entire process.  I entrusted her to do the job that I paid her to do because this is what she does for a living.  She knows about SEO, traffic and all the things that go into having a successful website which makes for a successful business.

I say all of this to say, I know how to build websites using WordPress and Weebly and I have to say I do more than a halfway decent job having no formal training. I was determined to learn WordPress and I’m glad I did, but it was not easy at all, but I didn’t give up.  I got it down to a science now and love using WordPress and now that I’ve just learned what a child theme is, oh look out, I’m going to even higher motivating heights. It’s just what I do.  I told myself that I am not going to keep paying thousands of dollars for someone to build my websites for me when I can do it all myself.  Now packaging, that’s another story, but one I’m willing to write once I’ve learned how to package all my products and besides I love to learn and I love to try new things that are relevant to my goals and dreams. I understand that we can’t do everything ourselves, but what you can do I suggest you do.

So I’m lifting my limits and I’m going to continue creating and designing my own websites, my headers and everything that comes along with having a successful website which is mostly great content.  I think everything else will just serve as a backdrop for my writings and experiences that I get to share with you.

Be blessed and make this year the most phenomenal year ever.  It’s just what you do too!!!!