Let the Money Flow

Money Flow

How to Get Money Flowing Constantly Into Your Business

Money Flow

It seems to be so very hard to get your hands on all the money you need to sustain your life and your business.  

As women entrepreneurs you brilliantly use your gifts to give God the glory He alone so richly deserves.  You started your business and you built your brand slowly by utilizing your great talents and tools gifted to you by the One Who helped you to create your masterpiece that nows breathes, lives and thrives by the passion that burns deep from within your soul.  However, the money you envisioned is not flowing into your business like you had hoped.  It’s time to make a change entrepreneur in the mirror.

I want you to stop where you are and think about your empire. Do you offer a great service that has the unique ability to change lives in an impactful and positive way? Do you specialize in creating happiness through a product that’s all your own and you want to share it with other budding women entrepreneurs?  Is it something women, children or families need? Will it make their lives easier and maybe even more productive? Maybe your product is eye opening.  Perhaps it is so profound that it truly speaks to the spirit of your customers or clients. If all these things pertain to you and you’re afraid of charging what your product/service is really worth because you are so sure that your target audience will not be willing to pay for your service/product then you may as well close the doors to your business.

Be Bold and Courageous and Watch the Money Flow

Money Flow

Let the Money Flow into Your Hands!

Let’s say you have written an ebook about how to make gift boxes and your ebook is filled with everything your gift basketers need. You even create a bulleted list of items that your customers will need to purchase, you know, all the rights tools to help them to start a highly lucrative and successful business. Your ebook contains in-depth knowledge that gets right down to exactly how they can start their business from beginning to end. You even include links to your video that will help them to go even further and blast their business into a phenomenal empire. Now when it’s time to attach a price for your ebook fear creeps up and steps in whispering in your ear that you cannot add the price that you know your book is worth. Why? Because you fear people are not going to spend what you are asking. Well, let me tell you that this way of thinking is detrimental to you and your business and you may might as well close the doors and windows to your business because you are blocking your blessings and preventing the money from flowing right into your hands which is your bank account.

Money flow

Believe and Receive.  You Deserve It!

Now let’s take a look at you. You are a woman of God. You are a masterpiece created by the Master. You are beyond brilliant. You are amazingly awesome. You have been gifted with a genius mind and you can do what your heart says you can. Remember Who resides there so you already know that you have the ability to succeed. There is no way that you can ever fail. You need not ever think that you can’t do something. Don’t ever devalue your business, service or product because of what you think others may think. Your product/service and you deserve the award of a lifetime because you, my sisters, simply put, are phenomenal and everything you touch turns to gold. It’s the law.

Written by Cynthia G. Boyer