Speaking to the Eyes of Your Audience

Recognizing Greatness

When my son comes to me and says, “Mom, can you buy me these sneakers?’, I already know that they are going to cost a small fortune. I also know that the sneakers are either going to be Jordan’s, NIKE. New Balance or Adidas. My son is an avid basketball fan. It is safe to say that he knows the game inside and out and seems to know all the happenings of the NBA before the players in the NBA! Oh my the NBA..now there’s a logo that is awesome in every way simply because its design is truly unique and speaks to the eyes of it’s audience because it captures of the essence of the game.  


It is truly a dynamic logo rich in history because Jerry West, Mr. Clutch, graces the logo with his presence.  It is a classic symbol and focal point of the NBA’s identity.  It is strong, it is powerful and it says professional basketball.  

Buying Quality


My son’s taste in sneakers is completely different from my taste and not necessarily because of how they look, but because of the price tag attached to those sneakers. I just don’t believe in spending $250 for a pair of sneakers, but then I always have to remind myself that certain sneakers are beyond expensive and they are beyond expensive for one reason; the name which is the brand! When I look at all the different brands my son has to choose from when it comes to buying sneakers and anything else for that matter, I think about the quality of the product. I know that Nike and Adidas produce some of the amazing sports gear in the world. Their logo truly does speak to the eyes of their audience. Nike’s logo is so unique that whenever I see if I know it immediately, without ever having to see the word, Nike, know that it belongs to them.  Adidas has been around forever and whenever I see their unique logo I automatically know that Adidas owns it. These are some ultra powerful logos and products that offer exceptional high quality that can last a lifetime if well taken care of.  

nikeimage  And Then There’s You!

You have created a product or perhaps you provide a need through your services that can help to change and empower lives around the globe.  You are making a profound impact on those you employ and for those you help their lives have been forever blessed.  Your brand truly does speak to the eyes of your audience.  When your potential clients/customers see it they already know that they will be getting a high quality product or an amazing service which is why they are flocking to you!  

As you continue speaking to your audience through your brand, your logo, remember that even though the competition may be fierce, so are you which is why you stand alone when it comes to your business and your powerful brand.  You are one of a kind.  Now go and continue speaking to the eyes of your audience and empower them like they have never been empowered before.  

Written by Cynthia G. Boyer, Approved by B.J. Boyer (SMILE)

Founder/President GVWE