Before You Dive Into

Anything That You Are Not Sure of

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Brilliant Women Entrepreneurs, there at times when you may feel you need just a little more money to supplement your income. 

While on Facebook the other day, a post came up in my news feed.  There was a young lady who shared her financial struggles with her audience.  She went to say how she and her husband earned $311,000 in 90 days.  She posted a video as she was standing in Times Square talking about this automated system that had shifted and changed her life and that she was no longer going around in circles. There were thousands of people who commented to her post asking her how she did it and that they, too, wanted to make the kind of money she was making and to live the lifestyle she could now afford to live.  Always skeptical, of course, I had to delve in to do my research. 

Seconds after typing the name of her business in the Google search bar, the word scam appeared.  I read about four or five reviews because I have to be fair.  In my assessment of this business I found out some valuable information and because I don’t want to say anything negative about anyone I will just tell you this; if you are in the market for other lucrative streams of income, please do your homework and research and research some more.  It is vital.  Even if you’re starting a new business it is important for you to do your research. 

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I enjoy research simply because it teaches me things that helps to protect myself from being hurt in the long run in more ways than one. 

It is my hope and sincerest prayer that your businesses are thriving and that you, as God’s Virtuous Women Entrepreneurs are truly enjoying doing what you love and in the midst, please don’t forget to give God the glory. 

Be blessed.




  1. Excellent advice! Do your homework and protect your financial future.