I, Woman, Inspired

Dear Christian Women in Business,

I, Woman, Inspired, is a door of hope where you may enter in to receive all that we have prepared exclusively for you as we help you to plant seeds for your future and for your business. To live your dreams by reaching your goals and standing firm on the path where a foundation of faith has been built  through avenues of believing, receiving, networking and education, we want to help you to grow your Christ-centered and spirit-clothed business.


Our mission and ultimate goal is to help nourish your aspirations as you work to fulfill your dreams by using your gifts and talents bestowed upon you by our Heavenly Father.  Together we become as one.

Whether your business is fully established, or if you’re just starting out or even if you’re contemplating starting a business, I, Woman, Inspired has something unique and special for your unique and special situation.  We know that there is nothing like working towards your dreams, watching them come into the light where prosperity awaits you on your amazing journey where God’s awesome purpose and plan for your life are sure to come to fruition; manifested in every area of your life.

The world awaits your service, woman inspired, your product and all that you have to offer.  I, Woman, Inspired, is here to help you to achieve your goals, helping you to leverage your business. You already have the gift; my goal is to help you to wrap it and give it as a present to your fellow sisters for they, too,  have gifts they want to give you.

I, Woman, Inspired…


Cynthia G. Boyer

I, Woman, Inspired, starting with a vision, a dream and your ultimate goal, you take steps towards building a sound foundation, based on the amazing word of our awesome Father God through His infinite wisdom and knowledge, trusting and believing in Him as He guides you on your journey that leads you to your destination where your dreams and aspirations come to fruition.  You then share your prosperity obtained from wisdom, knowledge and blessings from God to bless other women.

Every second, minute, hour, day, week, month and year springs forth and forms a new season.  Each day creates a new challenge.  The enormity of each challenge can change the way we view life.  There are days that you’re faced with life-changing questions; they may be questions that you ask God or they may be questions you ask yourself; whatever the case, it is of the utmost importance for you to be able to discern what goals lie in your heart, what dreams you envision that God wants you to accomplish for His glory.

I, Woman, Inspired, recognizes the fact that God the Father devises a plan and then chooses our paths where we come together on one accord to help, support and to be that beacon of light that leads us to our exclusive destinations through our wisdom and the generous knowledge of wealth that God bestows upon each and every one of us.  We all have a special gift, a unique and priceless talent and skill set that we can utilize to bless our fellow sisters as well as to help our own business flourish!

I, Woman, Inspired, writing down our dreams, goals, aspirations, achievements and sending thanksgiving to God daily, will serve to remind us that we are never alone on our journey for we know that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

I, Woman, Inspired, be prepared to tap into God’s reservoir of wisdom and then journal your journey and watch your wings take flight on and in the arms of Jesus, our Christ!

I, Woman, Inspired Aspire to Apply God’s Principles

 To my life and business by

 Using My God-Given…

 Amazing Talents

Gracious Gifts

Magnificent Skills

Awesome Abilities

Deep Seeded Passion

 Blessing Your Business

 Are you ready to reach your destiny?

 The foundation has been laid; stand up and prepare to take that first step into your destination where assurance reigns; a spirit-filled place where you will receive all that God has intended for you to have in your life and in your business.

 Abundance and Prosperity

 The road to your prosperity starts with believing in Jesus and having mountain moving faith to do anything.  Delight in the Lord and receive your heart’s desires.  Journaling your goals is the first step toward changing your life, prospering in business and fulfilling your dreams.

 And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not whither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper. 

 Psalm Chapter 1, Verse 3