The VWE Newsletter

The Presence of the Lord


As I sat down at my kitchen table, I glanced out the window; I was in awe of the Lord thy God of Israel’s breathtaking magnificence and the glory of His majesty.  Mesmerized by the endless rows of the lilies of the valley, I began sending prayers of thanksgiving unto the Lord thy God of my life for His sweet and eternal presence that is forever sealed in my heart and deeply rooted within my soul. I sing praises, I give honor and I magnify the Holiness of the One and Only Living True God, my Lord and Savior, my Father, Who Art in Heaven from everlasting to everlasting.

Blessing, and glory, and wisdom, and thanksgiving, and honor, and power, and might, be unto our God for ever and ever.  Amen.  Revelation C 7, V12