Successful Christian Women Entrepreneurs

Christian Women Entrepreneurs’ Abundance and Blessings

Successful Christian women entrepreneurs have an endless list and an abundance of blessings that cannot be numbered and that can easily be used to build highly successful and phenomenal businesses. Many of you are already prosperous business owners enjoying the fruits of your brilliancy.

Clothed with Magnificence and Brilliance

Upon you, God has bestowed magnificence and brilliance. You are intelligent, wise and extremely knowledgeable, which has allowed you to birth your business with courage, power, strength and confidence using your unique skillset, your God-given gifts and talents, blessing you with the amazing ability to build, one powerful tool at a time, a mountain-like sustainable foundation that cannot be moved or shaken.

Great Plans of Abundance and Prosperity

As Successful Christian women entrepreneurs God has devised the greatest plan for you and your business. With the commencing of your dreams and everything you envision, you wisely write down all your goals acknowledging the fact that God has assigned to you a well-written, easy to understand and easy to execute plan, never difficult and never confusing, to help you achieve your business goals as you aspire to do fantastic. On your daily list of things-to-do and all that you vow to accomplish, it is imperative that you stay focused to ensure that you never miss a step and you never skip a beat.

Building Mountains

Now, with faith in God, you are ready to create and climb the next mountain, which is higher and stronger than your previous mountain…you know the one you built using your sweat, thanksgiving and praise! This mountain continues to stand giving other women entrepreneurs the opportunity to climb the same mountain which has allowed you to look out into the world to see just how far you’ve come and now to be able to see where God is leading, guiding, directing and instructing you.


Leaders in Business

With each mountain you build and climb your business grows and prospers. Your business is a treasure chest that contains an abundance of amazing! You have, intelligently and with your brilliant mind, have left your shine, your unique footprints on the world. You illumine the universe with your countenance and your business shines. You have carved a path for the upcoming, super phenomenal, Christian women entrepreneur and with you leading the way, they simply just cannot fail.  


Written by Cynthia G. Boyer

Owner, GVWE