Where Is My Success

I Am Success

As a Christian woman business owner, I love doing business God’s way.  God has designed a pathway exclusively for me that has led my great and abundance success in every aspect of all my businesses.    

obedience to the wordimages

As a self-taught graphic designer and owner of Cyndi’s Light Work Designs, my passion fuels my design business allowing me to create all kinds of unique masterpieces that my customers appreciate, love and some need because of the power that can be found in the wording that usually accompanies my designs.  I love to design. For those who know me, knows that it gives me a sense of peace and comfort because it is by the prompting of the Holy Spirit that I work.  When I design, it is the Holy Spirit speaking to me and as He speaks, He warms my spirit and pours love, comfort, wisdom, knowledge and understanding of how the design process works for me.  I am special, as are you.  I love using my talents and all the gifts God has given and with the ability that He has bestowed on me, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  Thank You, Holy Spirit.


And here lately I ask myself 

Where is My Success?

At first I didn’t know how to answer this question, but after deep and careful thought I told myself that my success could be found deep within my soul. My success is not in how many customers I have or how much money I make.  

If you could look and delve deep within my heart you’ll quickly find that my success can be found a multitude of places.

My success can be found in my character. It’s in the way I carry myself. It’s the way I speak. It’s the life I live. It’s the path on which I travel. It’s the peace that encompasses, comforts and warms my spirit. It is my righteousness. It is my joy, my hope, it is my mind, my happiness, it is my strength, my courage and my boldness. My success can be found in the seeds of faith that God has planted in my soul, watered for growth with roots deeper than the deepest sea, sprouting and equipping me with all the tools that I need to run my business.  My success can be found in the way I encourage and help others.  My success is my faith in Jesus, along with the wisdom, knowledge, patience and understanding that guides me on my journey. It is my goal, always more than one, my dreams, and all that I envision, my endeavors and all that I aspire to be. My success can be found in my daily things to do list.

Where is my success?  My success, like your success, can be found in God’s majestic and wondrous creation called the universe.

Written by Cynthia G. Boyer