Higher Standard

High Standard of Business Which Leads to An Amazing Life


I remember watching the Temptations movie and the one thing that spoke to my heart was when Paul said to Berry Gordy, founder and owner of Motown Records, “What’s wrong with being the biggest group in America and Berry said, “You’re the biggest black group in America, but I want you to be the biggest group in the world period!”  Berry had a great plan for the Tall, Talented and Tan group and when he set his amazing plan in motion, the Temptations soared to newer and greater heights.  

Converting with My Son

I had what I think was a very important conversation with my son, B.J. this morning as I was driving him to school. My B.J. is a sophomore in college and is enjoying all the lessons he has been blessed to receive last year as well as this semester.


My family and I have conversations often about being business owners and one of the things that my oldest son, Todd, always tells me is that in order to be highly successful in business you have to be a shrewd business owner. He tells me stories about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and how they built, ran/run their businesses. He says, “Mom, you cannot take any mess from people” because people will walk all over you.” While I do believe that there is some truth to this, it is not what I believe in or how I run my businesses.

Getting back to the conversation that I had in the car while driving B.J. to school. I told B.J. that if he were ever going to start his own business that it would be wise for him to set his standards at a much higher and superior level so that his business will soar and thrive in such a way that he will enjoy long lasting success for as long as he’s in business. Now, I’m not saying that people don’t have high standards when it comes to business. No, I’m not saying that at all, but what I mean by this is that just because everyone else runs their businesses the way most of corporate America runs business doesn’t mean that his business can’t be successful.

Starting a business should be exciting especially if you’re operating from your gifts, talents, great skills and remarkable abilities. Your business should be a welcome mat for your customers. Your brand should be comprised of greatness, kindness, consideration, wisdom, patience, knowledge, understanding, passion, brilliance and intelligence. Your brand should tell the world that you are an endless ocean of greatness; yes you are special and while you may think that “special” should not apply to your brand and business, I think being special can give you the advantage over your competition. I think that branding your business to be spectacular, brilliant, sensational and phenomenal by doing things your way, by being that special, creative, giving, understanding, patient, confident and spectacular boss can make your business a magnificent one. I believe this makes an enormous difference in every aspect of your business that pour over into your life. Being special means that a conversation about you and your services will endure for years to come and your customer base never stops growing. Branding should not just be the look, feel and the message of your logo, but it should be who you are and how you run your business.

As Christian women in business, I want you to take your God-given gifts and use them to always bring glory to His Holy name. Remember, your gifts are exclusive. God wrapped them and presented them to you in love. They are yours and yours alone which simply means that you can build a business from scratch, from the ground up, laying a foundation that will allow you to help change the world of business, standing firm and true to God, yourself and your employees, taking your journey to go new and higher heights, setting amazing standards at a level that is higher than the norm and where prosperity and abundance daily embraces your business.

Be blessed.

Written by Cynthia G. Boyer