Seasons Greetings

 Image result for Merry ChristmasGod’s Virtuous Women Entrepreneurs

Today is the day you renew your spirit. Now is the time for you to shine in brilliance.

This moment is the second that you alter your life. Speak truth into your heart. 

Pour out your passion into the place where God has placed His name; your business.

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 Being an entrepreneur means propelling your business onto a path of prosperity. It means being of phenomenal life changing service to those in dire need. It means being the attraction and center of attention in the world of entrepreneurs. It means being the Christian woman business owner with answers to questions to those who ask the questions. It means demonstrating and displaying the gifts that were birthed with you when you made your entrance into the world. It means sharing the testimony of your journey. It means helping to plant and water the seeds of freshly seasoned entrepreneurs. It means thanking God for giving you the dream, goal and vision along with the faith and trust to change your own life, present and future, in such an awe-inspiring way.