How To Design Your Business

And Create Great Success


Cyndi’s stunning collection of light work designs are adorned with sunbeams of light radiating with vibrant colors that bring each and every design to life.  From hues that warm to various purples that seep into your soul, Cyndi’s masterpieces are both inspirational and traditional. Cyndi delivers on originality with a promise of elegance and brilliance. 

The above paragraph is the description I wrote when I started my online graphic design business.  Self-taught, creating unique masterpieces quickly became my passion.  I had been designing flyers at my previous job as program coordinator of the residency program in medicine so I guess I could say that becoming a graphic designer was really no surprise to me, but the masterpieces I crafted blew me away!  They looked horrific.  Looking back on them now I think they look sick and needed a whole lot of nursing.  Well, the more I designed the deeper I fell in love and the deeper I fell in love the better my masterpieces became.  I began envisioning all kinds of things and from there my vision grew greater!  It was then that I designed my own umbrella of LLC’s and was thrilled to learn that I could leverage my business with endless opportunities.  It was then that I birthed Scriptures on the Table; Personalized Keepsakes, Treasures of His Grace and more. 

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If you have a business you should be exploring how to create and design other streams of income if you haven’t already done so. 

Here’s what you can do to leverage your success:

  1. Think about your business and see how you can expand it in terms of its relevance. 
  2. What is it that people need.  A good way to understand this is to think about what you may need and then go from there.
  3. Think about what other service or products you can offer or produce that can impact people’s life in some way.  What can you provide to help make their lives a lot easier if not, better. 

Once you have figured out these components it was be easy for you to leverage your business by offering and providing a service or help to others.  Write out a plan and then execute that plan in the best way possible.  These are just some ways as to how you can design your business and create long lasting success.