Pen It To Paper


Before the new year came in there were a few goals I had to achieve; one was to finish reading, Always Jesus. I started out reading it January 1, 2017 and I completed it the day before Christmas Eve. It deeply warmed my spirit. It also got me super excited about my entrepreneurial journey all over again because it was like I was listening to Jesus speak clearly to me with an audible sweet voice. When I finished reading Always Jesus I was moved to take on the world and I didn't see the point in waiting for 2018 because I was on fire at that moment and I still am. 

My other goal was to begin using my Happy Planner my neighbor had gifted me for my birthday in November. Using my happy planner I began writing down my goals, my business building affirmations and everything the Holy Spirit was sharing with me. I am always elated to hear what the Holy Spirit gives. I'm telling you the gift of discernment is absolutely wonderful. 


With all that I'm trying to accomplish I continue to write everything down; no matter how big or small, I'm penning it to paper. If it comes to my mind and lingers for ten seconds I'm writing it down. This ensures that I accomplish each goal listed in my happy planner. The other key is keeping my happy planner open to refer to my list to be reminded of everything on it. It also gives me a real sense of joy knowing that I get to put all that God has given me into action. 

I'm using my happy planner faithfully. I decorate it as I go with positive awe-inspiring and uplifting stickers. The stickers are all faith based which I love. 

Whatever your goals pen them to paper. If they're laying on the table of your heart and in your mind write them down and if possible elaborate on each one so that your goals are clear for you. It's good to write as much content as possible where your goals are concerned to help you to stay focused and committed.