I Can’t Say It Enough-Live Your Dreams

Never Stop Dreaming

I can’t say it enough-live your dreams!  When I began my career into the heart of corporate America it was a journey for which I was truly unprepared. This journey would be one of the most important journeys of my life. Through it all, I reached my destination, unplanned and so unexpected. The experience of a lifetime, my journey into corporate America was definitely a lifestyle change that I didn’t welcome at the time, but realized it was essential to my growth as a human being. 


Valuable and Important Lessons

Having received some of the most valuable and important lessons from my co-workers, they were lessons, looking back, that I needed and now can honestly say truly appreciated. Believe it or not I could make a a multi-million dollar grossing movie from the things that the doctors, secretaries and chairman of the department of medicine taught me. These are the lessons that have helped to negatively and positively alter my life impacting me in ways so powerful that it helped me to see that corporate was not the place for me.

It’s In Me

Being a program coordinator, I had the opportunity to use just one of my many gifts which was to design flyers for conferences and events for the house staff. The residents in the program also played a very large part in helping me to envision becoming a business owner. As program coordinator of the internal medicine program, one of my many tasks was to take minutes at the Clinical Meetings which were held quarterly. Listening to the doctors discuss and rate the performances of their preceptees, I learned, that I too, had someone who was rating my overall performance. It was in those meetings, along with many other essential factors, that I seriously contemplated becoming an entrepreneur. Yes, I had made up my mind that I needed to move out of corporate America and into the world of entrepreneurship, simply put, to live my dreams. I was ready to go home, spend time with my children and open the doors to my own work from home business; Magic Fingers Typing Services. Even though Magic Fingers didn’t live long, I was still traveling the road to live my dreams.  I knew deep in my heart that something bigger was planned for me.  I believed it and I began living my dreams through the art of design.  I was on to something so much bigger and definitely a billion times better and you know what, I deserved it.  


Wise Beyond My Tears

Becoming an entrepreneur was beyond the wisest choice I could have made, not just for myself, but for my family as well. I have found and now enjoy a real sense of happiness every day I enter into my office to begin designing tee shirts, personalized keepsakes or whatever the Holy Spirit speaks to the depths of my soul. I have contentment. I have peace. I have joy. I have success and I have been given the power to create my own wealth. I have a wealth of knowledge. I have a wealth of understanding. I have an abundance of prosperity and I have riches. These are all the things that have been gifted to me as an entrepreneur. You see, when you use the gifts God has given you and you use them with passion and thanksgiving, you can’t help but prosper in more ways than you could ever imagine and you’ll begin to live your dreams.

Written by Cynthia G. Boyer