Act Like It’s 2017

Start Working Towards Attaining

More Of Your Goals Now

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It’s time for you to start working towards attaining your latest set of goals now.  Today is the day that you act like it’s 2017. 

I often hear and read about finishing the year strong and preparing to go into 2017 strong.

My belief is that you should end each business day strong.  While a new year can be the definition of rejuvenation, renewing, refreshing and maybe even rejoicing you should think of each new day as a new beginning because it really is.  A new day means another opportunity to be creative, to use your skill set in a whole new lot.  It is your chance to display your talents on a whole new level and to be able to use your gifts in a way you’ve never used them before.  For me, I use each day gifted to me to think of new ways to leverage my business.  The possibilities are always endless. 

There are fruits in the earth that can serve to remind of you of your unlimited potentiality.  You know the universe is massive.  It really goes beyond our comprehension which is to say that there are no limits on all you can do.  You just have to do a little thinking.  When you put in motion one goal and you begin working towards that goal you may be surprised how you can take your dreams places you never imagined.  It’s like as soon as you start working towards lighting your vision, another vision comes into focus and then another and then another.  I’m telling you it is never ending.  

When I started my design business it seemed like another stream of income was always coming into the picture.  I thought it wasn’t the greatest idea to implement all these things, but when I thought about how brilliant it all was I learned how to use them wisely because at one point I was all over the map.  I took the time to journal my goals and to list them in an organized way so that I wouldn’t get confused as to how I could add them without being sloppy or unprofessional.  I wrote everything out and planned them all carefully one-by-one.  I made worksheets for myself and now I use those worksheets as a point of reference for my business. 


Here’s What You Can Do To Ensure Your Great Success Now and Right Into 2017! 

  • Be Thankful
  • Buy yourself a journal or create your own worksheets with EXCEL.
  • Carefully evaluate your business. (Figure out what’s working and what’s not working)
  • Write down all of your goals. 
  • For each goal you list, write as much as you can think of pertaining to that one specific goal. 
  • PLEASE Be as specific as you possibly can. 
  • Create fresh new content (only if needed)
  • As you complete the first goal keep writing, attaching all of your plans, ideas, visions and aspirations for attaining your goals.
  • Write words, turning them into sentences and then into paragraphs with every goal you write. 
  • Be crystal clear. 
  • Be honest with yourself. 
  • Be passionate. 
  • Be consistent. 
  • Be persistent.
  • Be patient.
  • Be Creative.
  • Design your business around your life.   
  • Write down how much money you plan to make in 2017. 
  • Implement social media marketing.
  • Create Facebook and Twitter ads.  Take an afternoon to construct your ads. 
  • Make them brief, yet powerful and strong. 
  • Tap into all of your resources and use them all; Pinterest, Instagram, etc.
  • Grow your list.
  • Carve out a window of time for when you’d like to achieve your goals. 
  • Put dates and times next to each goal.
  • Write your affirmations.
  • Speak your affirmations.
  • Post stick-its around your office to remind you of your deadlines for accomplishing your goals.
  • Be encouraged; speak encouragement over every aspect of your empire.
  • Be confident.
  • Be courageous.
  • Be briliant.
  • Be phenomenal.
  • Be Thankful.

It is my hope that the above list will help you to take your business onto an even higher cloud.  When 2017 arrives, it will welcome you with an abundance, an overflow of great success as you tap into your unlimited potentiality.  Why wait, you’ve been successfully building your dynasty this far.  It’s just time for you to do even greater and make a whole lot more money.