From Him. For Him.

Using Our Gifts From God. For God.


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If you’re reading this Holy Spirit gifted post then it means you’ve been blessed to see and bask in another brand new day of life.  Another day to perhaps get right what you need to get or make right. Only you know what that is.

For me it is constantly working to update certain things about my businesses and blogs that have been given to me from God the Father and from the mind and heart of those who have been blessed with the knowledge to see and know the things that I didn’t know and therefore could not see.

What is it for you that you feel you need to change or update where your business is concerned.  Whatever it is now is the time to get it all done.  So from this day forth I want you to let your light shine and glorify God as you heed His wise counsel. There is no better way to do business. 

Here’s a story I want to share with you that may be of some amazing value to you in some.  It is also my hope that you take and apply this great information to whatever area your business needs it most. 

Agnes Ikotun

Agnes Ikotun

Years ago I met a very lovely young lady. Her name is Agnes Ikotun. She is a website designer and owner of AI Web Designs. Her work is exceptional and her business knowledge is vast. Her heart is sincere and because of her honesty she was kind enough to share some valuable things with me about my businesses that have helped me to see that my unlimited potential is even more unlimited than I thought, if that makes sense. 

I love how Agnes broke down and explained to me that I need to update some things about my design business.  I am forever grateful because I love it when we, as women of God, are willing to open our hearts and pour blessings into each others business which in turn affects our lives.

Agnes has helped me to change the way I see my businesses.  She is helping me to make the necessary changes with Cyndi’s Light Work Designs to keep my business afloat. When I reached out to Agnes in December 2016 to ask her about helping me to restructure my website for Cyndi’s Light Work Designs I had no idea that I was going to learn the priceless information she has gifted me. As an entrepreneur Agnes believes in us helping one another. Isn’t this a form of love ladies. I love to be a blessing to others. This, I will always believe, is what life is all about and I believe it starts from God and then doing it all for Him.  It is then that we can help each other. This will help to ensure that your business is sustained for years to come along with the success that you truly deserve. 

Be blessed God’s Virtuous Women Entrepreneurs.

Written by Cynthia G. Boyer