You Define It

Related imageWhen you think of abundance does wealth, prosperity and riches enter into your thoughts or is it money that seeps into your mind. Does the word abundance and it’s meaning stop at the doors of your life or does it go beyond flowing over into every aspect of your business. If not, it should. 

Your business is a part of you. You breathed life into it. You feed and nourish it everyday. You create goals around your business. It is an entity that has great potential and with your unique skills that you continually hone your business thrives and flourishes like a beautiful healthy garden where the hues of your flowers are vibrant, colorful and full of life. 

To truly enjoy the abundance of gifts that God has awaiting your business and you, always remember to give God the Father glory. Be thankful unto Him and bless His holy name. 

Receive and accept God’s great plans for your business. Apply His plans for your business to your empire. Allow His principles to become a part of how you do business to ensure even greater success throughout your years in business.

As the money flows into your empire always give a portion of your earnings to advance God’s kingdom work. Be kind to your customers. Listen to them. Give them what they need. You are a blessing to them. Remember you have what they need. Remember you have and continue to provide a service or product that have deeply impacted their life in a positive and major way. You are unique and so is your brand. This is how you have been able to stay afloat and thrive where your business is concerned. Opportunities come and never stop. Turn them into a million dollars.