Information Abundance

That’s Who You Are!

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You are information abundance. You are a brilliant woman entrepreneur.  Your business is an extension of your life. You are the heart of your business. Your life and light reflects all the goodness your business was created and designed to be which is to be a help to others. If there is anything you are withholding that continues to lay dormant in your luminous being, please let it out and share it with the world. You created your business to change and bless lives. If you touch one person and they are blessed by whatever product or service you offer or provide I sincerely believe that their life has been changed or has the potential to change at some point and time, all for the betterment of their home and/or environment. 

Now is the time to pour everything into your business that is in your reservoir, you, attach passion to it and make your dynasty even more successful then it already is or everything that it has the potential to become. 

You are abundance filled with a well of overflow. As you swim in the sea of unlimited potentiality you can never run out of ways to leverage your business and make it even greater. While you may not think that this is possible remember that you have endless possibilities for growing your business. This is how you stay inspired. This should be where your motivation comes from just knowing that God opens one door and then the next as long as you stay true to Him, to yourself and to your business. You may as well make a beeline to Office Depot, Staples or Dollar Tree and purchase a bulk of journals because God is promising to do new things for you. He knows what you are capable of producing and doing. He sees all that you are doing with the gifts He has given you. He’s going to bless your deeds and actions in ways you only dream about. All of this is real. You better believe that you have an amazing journey ahead of you.

I want you to enjoy and love working your business. It’s a part of you. You birthed it. You nourish it  and it grows. You bless it and it flourishes.  So if there is anything on your plate in reference to your business is not feeding you nor your business scrape it off your plate right at this very moment. There’s never a need for you to be all over the map. Having too much on your plate should never make you feel important. Doing what the Holy Spirit instructs you to do and you heeding His every word should make you feel all the more awesome and highly blessed and favored because you are important to Him. When it comes to being an entrepreneur you excel because you belong to God. It is with the blessings of His infinite wisdom that you do all that is exclusive to you.

Be the phenomenal entrepreneur you were born to be. Be blessed. 

Written by Cynthia G. Boyer