Customer Service

It’s Always More Than Just Business

Amazing customer service is important to every business. 

God’s Virtuous Women Entrepreneurs, you are superior and well, just simply awesome women who love doing business God’s way! Please, read on.


When I had dreams, (at the age of 14) of becoming my own boss my dream, vision and ultimate goal was to offer superior customer service.

Delivering great customer service comes from the heart.  Okay, I understand that you are business owners and you’re probably saying to yourself and asking what does have demonstrating outstanding customer service have to do with the heart.  Everything!  I honestly think that a lot of business lack heart in their daily interactions with customers.  For me, pouring my heart into the products and services that I offer and provide for my customers is extremely important to me because my customers are important to me.  I like to think I know what is life-changing for my clients because I now understand what I once needed in my life; encouragement being one.  I realize the things that have taken me on an empowering life altering journey and I love to give back which for me, is more than just doing business as, well your ordinary everyday business owner.

When you give from the heart you really make a difference in someone else’s life and maybe even in their business. 

As a business owner I’m so sure that you know the importance of exceptional customer service. You give it and you know what it feels like to receive the highest level of quality customer service. You also know the other side of it and so you make it your top priority to give your customers what you feel they deserve which is why your customer retention remains at an all time high. This is also one of the reasons your business and you are able to enjoy great and ongoing success. Remember to have a positive attitude accompanied by a positive and upbeat tone of voice in addition to a great overall attitude!

Delivering exceptional service is who you are and you wouldn’t have it any other way.  It feels good.  It is positive thinking.  Excellent customer service is a business building component every business should incorporate.

Blessings in Business,