Building Business Relationships



Growing up with a bevy of amazing friends and neighbors, they quickly became my family and those same people are still my friends today. 

Throughout the years and even now as I type this post, there were and still are certain family members I knew I could always trust.


One valuable lesson that I learned as a very young child was the one my parents taught me through their actions. Looking back through the journey of my phenomenal childhood was this; God placed my parents right in the center of Oxford Street to be a true and life long blessing to my neighbors and their children.


My neighbors trusted and loved my parents because of their honesty and sincerity. They trusted my parents wholeheartedly because my mother and father were beacons of light who had an open heart policy that came from the bosom of God our Father. I believe my parents had been conformed to the likeness of Christ long before I was ever even thought of. What a blessing for me. I also believe, because of my parents obedience and servant hood, that God richly blessed our lives beyond measure. That book shall be written. 

And so as I have gotten older I would like to think and know that people trust me and the products and service I offer and provide. I like to think that my products are life-changing, inspiring and uplifting.

I also believe that I give excellent reasons for my customers to trust me. For example, I am the owner of Cyndi’s Light Work Designs. When I started my business and penned my intro page I wrote my message to my audience from my heart and so it is that when people visit my website and read my message they hear a sincere voice behind that message.

Brief and to the point I tried to make my voice clear, my designs heartwarming and life-altering, with some of my masterpieces being accompanied by poems or words.  Many of my designs need no wording at all for the design alone speaks for itself. 

How can you build impacting life long business relationships and trust with your customers or clients. 

  • Be honest
  • Make them your focus by offering a need or a solution to their problem that gets the results they need which is why they came to you in the first place because they trust you!
  • Let them know you care by taking time to listen to and hear their heart. Be patient and be attentive.
  • Follow up with a message of thanksgiving to them and God.

Also, when you implement God’s principles into your business, people will surely see and recognize that there is something so very special about you and your business.  There is a uniqueness that shines and illumines bright and brilliant in you and your business. Don’t ever stop doing what you’re doing. You were created to be a woman of excellence!