Don’t Ever Give Up

Good Evening Entrepreneurs,

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post.  I do apologize. 

I have a lot I want to share and thought I would do it now as I have been in deep thought for some time now. 

I was caregiver to my mother off and on for 16 years.  During the last five and a half years I became her permanent caregiver.  With her being bed-bound I had to bathe and change her diaper three times or more a day.  I like to think that I cared for my mother with all my might and strength giving her all the love and compassion that God had bestowed upon me.  It was very difficult at times; not just for her, but for me and my family.  I drew my strength from the love and compassion that I felt for my dear mother.  My heart truly went out to her and for her which is why I just could not bring myself to put her in a nursing home.  Although I had no help from my siblings, I didn’t complain, but at times I was completely worn out, but I had to keep going and I did.  I did it for her because she deserved it.

Love for the Woman I’ve Always Called Mommy Regardless of My Age; True Love

I remember my cousin saying to me, “Cyn, you give Towne (my mother’s nickname) too many choices when it comes to making her breakfast because most people would say, this is what you’re going to eat and that’s that!”.  I felt like this; my mother gave me the best of her when I was growing up.  The best care; amazing meals and an abundance of love and so much more.  It’s because of her that I am an outstanding speller.  It’s because of my mother and father that I know nothing but truth and true love.  Even when people wrong me and then turn around and ask me for money, I still open my heart to share my wealth.  My mother and father were just the greatest parents on this planet. 

They shared everything they had with me and my siblings; I would have to write a book to explain what I mean by this so I will just say they were love in every sense of the word.  In the neighborhood where I grew up, we were all family, every single person on Oxford, Nassau and Jefferson Streets adored Towne and Bud/Mary and Vernon.  There was something special and different about our home so when my mother could no longer stay in her home alone, I brought her here to my home with open arms and a loving heart.  Any child would I would like to think. 

During my mother’s stay with me, I would always go and sit in her room with her throughout the day and listen to her tell me stories about her childhood and many stories there were.  Because my days were her days, I could not run all of my businesses the way they needed to be run, but that was just fine because I figured if this is God’s plan for me right now, caring for my mother, I would do so wholeheartedly.  I knew that it was important for me to obey God’s calling and do it willingly and happily.  I so desperately wanted my mother to be comfortable, warm and full, and I believe she was.

Gone, But Always With Me

On September 15th at 12:45 a.m., the Holy Spirit woke me up, as sleepy as I was, and He told me to go and check on my mother.  I turned on the hall light which was always more than enough to see/look at her without putting on the light in her room and waking her up out of a deep good sleep.  Well, when I turned on the hall light, I looked at her and I saw that she wasn’t breathing.  I called my sons who were in the family room and I said, “I think Memom is gone!” They were up the steps in one big leap asking me if I was sure.  I said, “Yes; she’s gone.  I then woke up my husband, Bill, and told him.  I was relieved and heartbroken at the same time. Relieved that she was no longer in pain and heartbroken that she was no longer with me and my family.  She had become my fifth child and I was elated to be able to care for her almost as well as she had taken care of me, my sister and three brothers. I cried and cried the next day, truly troubled, devastated and heartbroken to say the least. 

And now here I am free to run my businesses without interruptions, but my on my how I miss those special interruptions that took up a large chunk of my life.  I miss my mother.  I love her deeply and dearly.  I will always love her.  When she developed bedsores I never gave up trying desperately to mend and rid her of that awful pain that accompanied those terrible sores.

And so it is that I write this post to tell you that in business or anything that pertains to the happiness, peace and contentment in your life and anything that pertains to your business, don’t ever give up. 

Be blessed.