Thank God



Display a Heart and Life of Thankfulness 

Thankfulness.  It is how you should live your life in every aspect of life as well as in your business.  Starting any business, like starting your day, should begin with praise on your heart and lips with thanksgiving to God.  You should not be running your business, ever, without thinking about and reflecting upon the Lord's goodness in your life.  It is important for you to know that before you step into your office everyday God should be uppermost in your thoughts.  You should be thanking Him for keeping you safe as you slept throughout the night.  Thank God for His protection over you, your family, friends, acquaintances, those you know and those you have yet to meet through the connections He will be making on your behalf.  Thank Him for His great and wonderful provision, His grace and mercy.  Thank Him for your failures, successes, trials, mistakes and for all the lessons He has taught and will continue to teach you.  Be obedient and heed His wise counsel and infinite wisdom.  Thank Him for the woman you have become.  Thank God for His plans for your life.  Thank Him for increasing your finances that keep increasing!  Thank Him for creating You for His purpose.  Thank Him for His willingness to lead, guide and direct you in business and in your life.  Thank God for teaching and instructing you like no one has the power to do.  Thank Him for your dreams, goals, endeavors and all that you aspire to dream and be.  Thank Him for showing you the way to go and for making your way crystal clear.  Thank Him for His Son, Jesus, who laid down His life for you and paid your sin-debt in full.  Thank Him for the Holy Spirit who resides in you blessing you with endless streams of income so that you can provide for yourself and your family.  

Thank God the Father for leading you to God's Virtuous Women Entrepreneurs where you be equipped with, prayerfully, even more knowledge and understanding than you had before.  God is here and He brought you here for a reason.  Be thankful and give Him glory.

You are AWEOG!



God opened the windows of  heaven and poured out an abundance of true blessings into your life depositing riches and wealth into your business!  Be thankful.  

You have been blessed with the incredible gifts of  the I AM's.  

  • I Am rich.  
  • I Am abundant.  
  • I Am wealthy.
  • I Am prosperous.
  • I Am strong.
  • I Am powerful.
  • I Am bold.
  • I Am courageous.
  • I Am capable.
  • I Am able.
  • I Am confident.
  • I Am thankful. 

Whether you are an entrepreneur or you are seriously contemplating becoming an entrepreneur it is important for you to live a life of thanksgiving to God before you begin building your business.  Giving thanks to God is where your entrepreneurial journey begins.  When you dream about accomplishing your goals as an entrepreneur, your focus should be on the Lord thy God, exalting, magnifying, glorifying and just being sincerely grateful that you recognize the fact that God is good!  

Thankfulness; let it flow from your heart!

Cynthia G. Boyer


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