Success is You




Success. What does it really mean? Many people define success as knowing how to make money effortlessly.  The very definition, for some, means having money, and lots of it, secured in their bank account.  Some define success as having “made it” whatever that means.  There are those who define success as being powerful, rich and famous with millions of dollars to purchase anything their heart desires.  Living in a mansion in the exclusive section of the city, driving an expensive top of the line car with all the luxuries that makes it the top of the line, while enjoying all the amenities that a certain lifestyle brings.  Being able to afford the finest things in life becomes the norm, but what are the finest things in life.  I guess the finer things in life are material goods and I guess it can also be defined as buying the best high quality anything that money can buy.  It’s nice to have a million dollars.  It’s nice to experience being able to pay bills without struggling.  It’s a joy to have the money you need to buy good wholesome high quality foods week after week without ever having to worry how you are going to make ends meet.  It’s a blessing to know that your electricity will not be turned for nonpayment, but being a millionaire definitely does not define success.  


Success is not getting dressing up, wearing a formal black suit as if you were going on an interview for a job to earn just enough wages to pay a bill or two. 


If you’re an entrepreneur and you’re doing things God’s way then you are the definition of success.  Have you looked at yourself lately?  Have you thought about your character, your attributes and how kind, considerate, compassionate, nice, polite, thoughtful and caring you are?  Do you take time to share all that you have, blessings of wisdom, understanding and an abundance of knowledge with those who need it?  Do you take time to listen to that voice crying out for help?  Do you take time from your schedule to help someone in need?  What about praying; do you pray for other people’s success?  Are you honest and trustworthy?  Well, depending on how you’ve answered these questions and as a woman of God, I would have to say that your definition of success should be you!


Success is Women in Business Prospering Through Wisdom!  

Before you decided to become an entrepreneur, to share your product or service with the world, you were successful.  Why?  Because you are a child of God, living by and keeping His commandments.  You obey God with all your heart and soul.  You use your God-given gifts to give Him glory.  Success is accomplishing the things you have listed on your daily to do list even if it is just one thing.  Success is encouraging yourself.  Success is doing what you love.  Success is lifting up yourself and staying on the path God has designed exclusively for you.  Success is having a positive outlook on things which means you have a positive mindset that comes from the Light that lives, breathes and shines inside of you.  You are the meaning of success because you know who and whose you are.  Now, Woman Entrepreneur, get ready to do a new thing in your business because you believe! Enjoy your success. You deserve it!

Written by

Cynthia G. Boyer

Founder/Owner, God’s Virtuous Women Entrepreneurs