I, Woman, Inspired

CynthiaGBoyersIamawomanseries7758cbo777I, Woman, Inspired, have made a commitment to honor, obey, love and serve the Lord thy God with all my heart, soul, mind, might and strength.  My Heavenly Father is the Source of Everything I long for and all that I will become; I am because He is.  Because of the Great I Am, I am here and all my dreams and aspirations have become a part of my heart, my passion.

I, Woman, Inspired, have embraced the Word of God and as He speaks to my heart to reveal His plan and purpose for my life, I work in life and in business to fulfill my God-given gift called potential, to reach and touch a star achieving each and every one of my Spirit-filled and God-given goals.  To God be the Glory!

I, Woman, Inspired, has been written, created and designed exclusively for women.  This journal offers women a heart-warming collection of pages filled with Scripture that helps women to build their faith as they are reminded of the greatness of the Lord.  

In pursuing your goals, this journal promises to help you grow in business increasing your understanding of what it means to love the Lord and just how He will guide you through life and your business so that you will be able to comprehend His understanding of the plan and purpose He has designed exclusively for you.   

So be inspired and follow the dreams that Jesus has imparted and planted within your spirit that is now deeply rooted within your soul.  

The I, Woman Inspired, Journal has been created to help you to implement everything God has in store just for you, your life and in your business.  It is also designed to help you strengthen your relationship with the Father; the most important relationship you will ever have.