Rise, Climb and I Shine

A Woman’s Journey, Destination…Life

When I launched my typing and transcription business, Magic Fingers Secretarial Services in September 2002, I had no idea what my journey was going to be like.  The only thing on my mind at that time was promoting my business to grow my business.  I believe we all have greatness instilled in us.  I believe that greatness is a gift that we can use to accomplish anything we dream of.  I was blessed with the ability to type fast and accurate.  Understanding the art of typing and transcription came really easy for me and I enjoyed it and made really good money for typing dissertations, term papers and transcribing interviews.  After typing and transcribing for almost a year, I felt something deep inside me stirring and literally leaping around in my spirit.  I would be overcome with this surge of excitement and I knew I was about to embark on a new journey.  Yes, I would still type and transcribe from time-to-time, but I had to take this phenomenal leap into something completely new and different than anything I had ever done before and I was ready.  I was going to use all the gifts I’ve been given in ways I and no one else ever thought possible.


My secretary business took off for me in a matter of what seemed like minutes.  I distributed fliers in and outside of my neighborhood. I sent emails to professors at universities where I lived. I received three phone calls within days of posting my fliers (which I, of course, designed myself–SMILE) and I was in business.  The doors to my business had opened and I was gladly welcoming customers to share with them my expertise of typing and transcribing.

My journey had begun and I was enjoying it, but knew deep down inside there was still something greater waiting to be birthed. And so the next chapter in my journey was brewing deep down inside me.  Would you believe I began creating coloring pages for children.  My love for children, my own and children everywhere, led me on this great journey.  I was designing coloring pages using Microsoft Word.  Now how in the world I came to do this, I’ll never know, but I was loving it and Angel On My Shoulder was born and parents were blown away by it.  My goal for this business was just to bless children with coloring pages that they could use while moms were cooking, cleaning, etc.  I wanted to bless children with the messages found in each coloring page.  My coloring pages were magical and fun.  From there, I decided I to make gift boxes for children.  I began assembling gift boxes and giving them away for free; no one ever said thank you and they just didn’t seem to appreciate my heart, so I decided to let it all go.  From there, I started to create and design personalized certificates for children.  My certificates are great for graduations and can be used for to bless children and giving them recognition for their amazing accomplishments!  I still create my certificates because I love being able to bless, touch and warm lives through the beauty and messages found in each and every certificate. Still, there is more greatness I need to extract from deep within my soul.

 Each and every time I pull something new out of me, it just gets replaced with more greatness, which means I’m about to take my businesses to an even higher level; I didn’t think that was possible, but when you’ve got greatness guiding you, your journey never ends.