What It Means to be Prosperous


When I think of being prosperous, I don’t think of financial riches. When I think of prosperity I immediately think of women of God who are kind, considerate, powerful, bold, courageously stepping out in faith, equipped with greatness, women who possess sincere hearts filled with love, compassion, patience, understanding, kindness, goodness and righteousness overflowing and operating in an abundance of God’s treasures.  

Women of God Possess a Bevy of Elements That Automatically Make Them Prosperous in Every Single Area of Their Lives.

When I think of prosperity I also think of Christian women entrepreneurs who have the great and wonderful ability to build life sustaining businesses on the foundation of God’s principles and His promises.  I also think of women of God who possess hearts of love, compassion, loving and serving God in sincerity, in truth and with all their hearts, souls, minds, might and strength.  

This is how God’s Virtuous Women Entrepreneurs define prosperity, build their businesses and how they live their lives.