My Path to Success

Faith To Do Any and All Things


Dreams of Hope


When I was a child I remember looking through the Philadelphia Magazine that came out every month.  In the back of the magazine were fabulous mansion-like homes that were advertised for sale.  I used to tell my heart, “One day I am going to purchase one of these homes for my parents.”  I used to dream of living in a beautiful home with lots of space with my mother and father.

My Life, My Path


As I grew older, I lost those dreams to life and all the things I experienced.  In the back of my mind, those dreams lay dormant until I became an entrepreneur.

The path that has led me to the enormity of my success has been through the deepening of my faith.  I could write a book about not having an ounce of faith to believing all the things that have helped to shape my life, my happiness and my success.

The path to my ultimate success has been learning and applying God’s commandments as well as His principles, deepening my faith and belief in the Lord has led to great success, not only in my businesses, but in my life as well.  My faith has helped me to build the businesses of my dreams.

Now, I’m back to dreaming and believing that I am going to receive the home that I always knew that I would buy some day.