A New Path

New Creations – God’s Virtuous Women Entrepreneurs

If you’re lost in life and you don’t which way to turn, now is the time for you to start a new path in your life.  Creating new paths can be an exciting time.  Whether it’s your path to a new found business or a path that will allow you to begin to build new relationships, it’s time to rejoice!

Life is filled with so many different avenues that sometimes it’s hard to choose which path you should take.  I believe in letting God create my paths for me.  When God has spoken to me and He has equipped me with all the tools that I need to do whatever it is He tells me, I know that I am on the right path and I am excited to see His plan unfold right before my eyes, always one truth at a time.

My New Path

A few months ago a good friend of mine told me about this priceless opportunity that I was very skeptical about at first, but because of her sincere heart and great business knowledge and understanding, I decided to give this life-altering business a try.

She told me about this organic detoxing tea that gave her great health benefits that she had never experienced before.  Before ordering the tea I asked her a few important questions because I was worried about potential side effects.  She kindly informed me that with this detox there were absolutely no side effects.  I wasn’t sure if this detox tea would take my appetite away, dry my mouth, give me headaches or just make me sick overall.  She told me that she had been drinking the tea for a few months and she had lost 7 pounds in eight days.  I was concerned about trying the tea because I had had an embolization and I was afraid that the tea might make me worse.

Well, after believing my dear friend, I decided to purchase the tea for just $38.95 which also allows you to become a distributor as well.  I thought what a great company to be able to purchase the tea for such a low price and then become a business owner with my own website.

I got the tea about five days after placing my order.  Two tea bags makes a gallon of ice-tea.  I drank 16 oz of the tea in the evening hours before going to bed.  The next day the tea did exactly as my friend told me it would do.  It cleansed me thoroughly.  After about the third day my back pain was gone and I was feeling so much better.  I didn’t even have any cramps.  I was elated.  I felt healthier than I did before I had the embolization and the weight on my stomach has melted down.


Laying a sustainable foundation is the key to your success.

I am now embarking on this new plan and I am beyond thrilled and I’d love for you to join me.

Total Life Changes

As an entrepreneur I have learned many life-changing things that have helped to prosper my life and my businesses.  Total Life Changes is a part of my new found journey and what an amazing journey it has been.  If you want to lose weight, be super healthy and make an amazing amount of money, then Total Life Changes is the answer!


I am delighted to share this awe-inspiring opportunity with you so that you too can become healthier than ever, physically and financially.

If you have any questions, please send me an email and we can talk more about this life-changing opportunity that is truly altering lives around God’s glorious globe!


Cynthia G. Boyer