Never Give Up

Never Give Up and Never Stop Doing What You Are Doing!

When I started Cyndi’s Light Work Designs my goal was to have my own line of t-shirts and other various items that people love to buy and use; coffee mugs, tote bags, key chains and more.  


Pressing For the Mark

Having done what I thought was all my homework on how to make this happen, I found it to be extremely difficult because I was traveling all alone on a road leading nowhere or so I thought.  I was ready to give up more times than I care to admit.  I tried every avenue, every platform searching for that star that had my name on it.  I deeply became discouraged and was ready to give up on my dreams and on ever accomplishing all my goals.  I didn’t realize how easy it was.  I made it much more difficult than it had to be which was why I was ready to give up.  My husband kept saying you have to keep plugging away; somebody, the right person is going to see your designs.  I believed it and continued pressing on.


I, Woman, Aspire

With each new day I was making more and more designs; Scriptures on the Table, Praise Him, Personalized Keepsakes and more.  I was amazed at the unique beauty in each one of my one-of-a-kind masterpieces even if I say so myself.  My girlfriend told me that I had enough designs and that I needed to take the next step.  For some reason I could not stop designing.  Every time the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart I was in my studio creating more and more masterpieces.  This, for me, was the peace in my day.  Designing was the hope that would inspire me.  It was the joy that encompassed every inch of Cynthia G. Boyer.  I love to design.  It is, I do believe, one of my callings.  Every week I was coming up with a new topic for my designs.  I was making things that I thought would bless women, children and people in general.

ScriptureontheTable-2011-cgtb-7777The Great MindShift 

In addition to designing a new collection of light work designs every week, I was writing; writing to accompany my new portfolio of designs.  To give them more of a purpose; to give them life and to give them meaning.  God has truly and deeply blessed me to build this business and I was determined to help it to bless people, to serve a need and I finally realized that this could only happen if I did things differently, but more importantly I had to shift my mind to thinking and speaking greatness over my business.  I didn’t have to stop doing what I was doing.  I didn’t have to give up.  I just needed to think positive thoughts and be grateful to God for giving me this amazing business in the first place.  Just because I thought people weren’t seeing my designs didn’t mean that I had to give up.  No, I had to shift my mind into thinking positive thoughts about my business.  


Making Plans To Prosper My Business

I also knew I had to come with a plan to grow my business and growing my business meant marketing my business which would in turn help me to explode my business. After many years of researching and researching it was time to stop messing around and just do it!


Starting Over

I revamped my entire design business.  I kept my name, Cyndi’s Light Work Designs, because I love the name and all my customers liked it as well as did my family.  My name was out there in the world wide web.  My name had been established and I didn’t think it was necessary to change it.  I just needed to grow my business.  I needed to  be more serious than I had ever been before.  If I was going to be an entrepreneur I knew I had to get moving and stop the feeling of wanting to throw in the towel.  


Writing, Speaking and Believing in Positive Affirmations

Now, there were days when I still felt a little discouraged, but when I shifted my mind once and for all, which wasn’t an easy process, everything changed.  I decided to write my own affirmations.  I knew that if I was going to soar in my design business I had to encourage myself first and then speak encouragement over every goal, over every aspiration, over every desire, over every dream, over every endeavor along with having mountain moving faith in God in addition to trusting and believing that things in my business would change.  The very second that I began speaking affirmations into my life every day, can you believe that I was getting design work the same day that I shifted my mind.  I was elated and could not believe that it was just that simple to prosper my business.  Cyndi’s Light Work Designs is a real and breathing business that is alive and well because I never gave up.  I never stopped doing what I love to do.

Be Encouraged!

I encourage you to never give up and to keep doing what you’re doing even if you don’t see any progress, please keep pressing on and moving forward in your business especially if you are operating from the gifts you’ve been given.

Cynthia G. Boyer