Marketing for Money

Marketing for Money in Your Business


A month ago a gentleman came to my home to give me a price on three windows.  I knew I was going to be conned the second the salesman walked into my home with his briefcase, laptop and pad.  I, of course, let him deliver his marketing speech to me and my husband. He told us how Andersen Windows are the best windows in the business and that my current windows looked horrible.  He then went on to explain to us that vinyl windows are dated, not economic and just down right bad.  He told us that if we decided to purchase his windows, his crew would do an excellent job installing the windows and they would do a thorough cleanup after construction is complete.  

After he told us of all this, he quoted us a price of $13,000 for three windows!  I could not believe what I was hearing.  He pressed on telling us that he was giving us a discount on the windows in addition to another 25% discount “because I can since I’m the boss!”  My oh my is this going to get any worse.  At that moment, my husband had to leave because he had a previous appointment, but before leaving me with this man my husband informed him that he just doesn’t jump without giving the matter careful and serious thought and consideration.  The salesman said that the price would not be valid once he walks out our front door.  I really liked the windows and the transformation potential the beauty of the window offered, but I wasn’t willing to be taken advantage of.  He then told us that we could get the windows financed and we wouldn’t have to pay a penny until next year.  He called his finance company and they approved me right on the spot for the windows.  This man was so pushy and adamant about me getting those windows that I knew it was a bad idea for me to even consider purchasing anything from him.  I don’t think too many people like pushy sales people…I know I don’t.

Antiquated and Dated

Yesterday, Thursday, July 9th, a young man knocked on my door from a pest control company.  He was about 18 years and was going from door-to-door selling this service that promised to kill all the bugs that are hiding in my walls, all the beetles that are lurking outside of my home in addition to the bees and wasps that may have built a nest in the eaves of my home.  He told me that the service $105 along with taxes and any other fees associated with it.  He told me that he was doing a followup with his customers who live in my development.  I kindly asked him who my neighbors were who had acquired his service and he went on to tell me that he didn’t have the list on him.  This poor child was out in all that heat and humidity, clothes sopping wet, desperate for a sale.  I explained to him that I had an exterminator, but of course he told me that with all the dead beetles outside that if his guy sprayed my home I won’t see any bugs at all.  I don’t know how in the world that would be possible when the bugs have been here on this earth long before we got here and will be here long after we are gone.  Anyway, this young gentleman seemed really desperate and he gave the same spiel that the Andersen salesman had just given me a month prior.  I told him that I needed to think about it and he said he wouldn’t be able to give me the same price of $105 once he walks out the door.  Well, five bells rolled around and here he was again, knocking on my front door.  I told him that I wasn;t interested and that I would continue using my exterminator with whom I was really pleased.  He left my home, head down and highly disappointed.  A few minutes later he was knocking on my door again and this time he had something in his hand that looked like a credit card.  He told me that he had called his manager who said they would give me 50% off my initial service.  I told him that I had done research on the company and I read too many bad reviews and I wasn’t interested for the third time.  

Here’s my thought:  I know that marketing is a form of lying; this may sound harsh, but it is. If someone is trying to earn my trust and business, I think the best way to accomplish this is to just be honest because most people can see through this marketing tactic that is old, antiquated and outdated.  It is dishonest and I don’t like to be conned into purchasing services that are overpriced and the quality low to non-existent.  I’m not saying that all companies are this way, but the ones that use this marketing ploy is a complete turn off for me.  

Honesty is Always the Best Legacy!

Ladies, if you are a business owner, you can think outside of the box to come up with an honest and great marketing plan that will help to grow your business so that it thrives for as long as you’re in business.  Remember to be original, be truthful and be yourself!

Last year, I came in contact with a coach who was constantly calling and sending me emails telling me that she had dropped her price for her coaching services and that her price was going to change after 6 pm that same day.  I understand that this is business and for some, this is a way to obtain business.  This has never worked for me.  I believe in being totally honest.  Business is not always about making money, but providing and offering a service or product to those in need to perhaps change their lives or to be a help to make things easier, to flow in their lives is so much more important than making money because I believe giving people what they need blesses them in some way.  The coach was calling and emailing me removed me from her friend’s list on Facebook.  I was really surprised because I thought to myself that this was very unprofessional, but she had every right to remove me since I did not utilize her services and you know what, I’m glad she removed me because it taught me a very valuable lesson.  

While I understand that marketing is important, it’s important to be honest with your customers/clients as well.  You will go much further if you’re honest because I believe most people can see through the dishonesty.