Components for a Successful Business

Are They What You Think They Are?

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Do you know what is required for you to have a truly successful business. Do you know the essential components to building your business and igniting your brand. A business that stands firm on a mountain sized foundation. A business that, when the competition sees you it embraces you. Impacting, profound and powerful your deep seeded passion really does fuel your desire to propel your empire out into the light of God’s glory. 

You and your business are more than just another venture and you are more than just partners. You are the story that other Christian women business owners need to hear and read all about.  Something like when you read an interview or article from Mark Cuban explaining how to make millions of dollars, everything around you tunes out and he has your undivided attention.  This is priceless information that you simply cannot afford to ignore. This is how other Christian women business owners perceive you.  They see all of the essential components that you use to piece your business together.  It’s in your exceptional customer service. It’s in your voice when you speak.  It’s in all your actions.  It’s who you are.  Faithful.  Honest.  Virtuous. They see the greatness in you that pours over into your business.

Starting, running, managing and promoting a business can be and should be the rewarding and amazing venture you expect it to be because for one, it teaches you so much about yourself. It teaches you how intelligent you are. It teaches you responsibility, time management and how to stay organized. Starting a business teaches you a great deal about business and all the pieces to the puzzle that you will need to start manage and grow your business. Do you know that before you delve into building your business you need to have a system in place that will guarantee your success. Here they are:

  • Thanksgiving
  • Faith
  • Confidence
  • God’s principles
  • Strength the mindset
  • Authenticity
  • Courage

Applying these elements to every aspect of your business is guaranteed success.  Don’t forget to bless your business by speaking encouragement over yourself and then over your business.  The fruits of your labor will come to fruition and your business will take on a whole new meaning.  To God be the glory!

Written by Cynthia G. Boyer