Christian Women in Business

Christian Women in Business

Doing Business God’s Way

When the new year came in my focus was, as it has always been, to do business the way all Christian women love doing business God’s way.


I thought to myself, I will clean out my email account on gmail so that I can concentrate on all the important things that pertained to my businesses.  Every day I am swamped with emails from people from all over the world.  A few of them have great importance and some of them have little importance.  Some of them pertain to my businesses and some of them are from others trying to build businesses of their own.  Whatever the reason, I think it’s time that I unsubscribe from those lists that I no longer need.  


And then there’s my calendar, my weekly calendar of tasks that I’ve created to help me to stay on track in terms of all the goals I need to accomplish.  I have a calendar of things to do on my cell phone and I have a calendar attached to my gmail account that sends me daily emails reminding me of all the tasks that I need to complete for that day/week.  I have found that when I write things down, my days flow so very smoothly and I seem to get a lot more done.  I try to write down my tasks in the order that I plan to complete them.  When I write down my goals, I read my goals and it is then that I am able to reach my goals and I love it.  This is a wonderful system that works well for me.  It is not anything fancy.


Sometimes my daily list of things to do is brief and to the point and other times it is long and drawn out with every detail written down to ensure my own success.  When I write down my daily tasks, I try to write my goals in a clear and easy to understand manner.  Again, nothing fancy, just clear,  concise and easy to understand.  I love easy to understand.  

My Plans for 2015 for My Graphic Design Business and Every Other Business I Own

It is my hope and ultimate plan to take my design business to the next level.  How will I achieve this? By creating a new, bright, beautiful, magnificent, sensational and brilliant portfolio.  Creating and designing new masterpieces brings me an abundance of joy, enfolding me with peace.  I already have an enormous collection of light work designs and my customers and audience love them, but I’m talking spectacular designs that you just won’t be able to find in stores or anywhere in the universe!  I’ve decided to create and design a series of designs that will include a theme, a theme that I believe will bless women from all paths of life.  I came up with this brilliant idea because in my own life there have been times when I needed to be encouraged, embraced and empowered.  If I wanted to move forward in business I knew that I would need every aspect of these components if I was going to do what some think is difficult to do which is to have a highly successful and prosperous online business selling my designs.  I’ve need encouragement and I wanted and still want my audience and customers to embrace me and Cyndi’s Light Work Designs simply because I believe I offer a product that is unique, powerful and truly needed in today’s world.  

There are many things that women need in terms of running a business, in terms of changing their lives and I believe that I possess the products and power to do just that and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.  I am going to offer words of encouragement by way of my designs in a magnificent and unique way.  I want Christian women business owners to soar, to reach the stars and to go even further beyond that.  I believe women deserve much and sometimes we need to be reminded of how special we are and I believe that my newest design collection will do just that using words and designs that speak directly, bold, courageously and yet so very quietly and gently, sinking messages of yes I will straight into the hearts of women around the globe.

The new year is here.  I’m still here. I will continue to build my business by thinking outside the box and I do this by doing business God’s way, the only way to do business.

Now, what are your plans for your business?  What are you going to do differently in 2015?  Are you excited to position your business for wealth, prosperity and great success?  I’m with you.  Let’s begin our journey together because I’m sure our destinations will be the same; doing business God’s way!


Cynthia G. Travick-Boyer