Challenges and Obstacles

Challenges and Obstacles

In business, just as in life, there will be challenges you will have to face and giants you will have to knock down. The good thing about challenges is that they can make you think outside of your comfort zone. Challenges can make you think outside of the box which I consider to be a blessing because it can take your business to new and higher heights.



Obstacles are giants that you have to knock down from time-to-time that can be the very thing that will make you step back and perhaps even throw in the towel concerning your business, but this doesn’t have to happen. Obstacles can also be the faith-deepening, faith-building component that can change the course of your business creating in you a whole new way of thinking adding a whole new element to your business that you’ve never thought of before. This is when thinking outside of the box comes into the bigger picture of your business. When you find yourself faced with challenges and obstacles that you’re just not sure how to deal with, how do you proceed? What is the best way to handle these unforeseen giants? What are some of the questions that you ask yourself? Do you say, “What am I going to do now?” “How am I going to get over this?” “How am I going to handle this?” “What lesson have I learned from this?”


 As a Christian woman entrepreneur I have been faced with many obstacles. At first I became so discouraged that I was ready to just walk away and say, I simply cannot do this, but my passion for design, and my gifts from God would not allow me to; no, this was not an option for me. There were days when I was so down that I thought to myself, “It’s me. I’m not an entrepreneur. I don’t have what it takes to make it as a business owner. This feeling lasted for far too long even though I was still plugging away at building my business. I even thought of getting a job outside of my home, but that thought vanished quickly because I knew deep in my heart that if I worked for someone else there would be no one that I would ever get to use my God-given gifts and that hurt my heart. It also put a level of fear in me because I knew what working in corporate America was like and I didn’t want to limit using my gifts, talents, skills and awesome abilities and I didn’t deserve to have a cap on my salary. No, I’m way too talented for that.


What I Did Next

 In constantly trying to build my design business and trying to knock down those stubborn giants, I found the one thing, the very thing that lifted me up, helped me to build a sustainable foundation for my business, a rock solid path, that couldn’t be knocked down by any obstacle, or pulled from under me, was the deepening of my faith. Yes, faith. I learned quickly that my faith in God was the key to knocking down all those giants that kept trying to get in my way. The fear giant, the no confidence giant, the persecuting giant, the hardship giant and every other giant that kept trying to block my path and my entrepreneurial journey had to flee and with all my faith, and I do mean all my faith in God, it has helped me to soar as I spread my wings and took flight on my amazing entrepreneurial journey. It has been a journey of gratefulness, lessons, hope, joy, laughter, tears, understanding, patience, wisdom, prudence and even peace.

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 Thinking Positively

Faith has even given me a whole new way of thinking. Speaking positive, life changing affirmations has sweetened my entrepreneurial journey and believe me, it can do the same for you.

If you’re forced to deal with challenges and obstacles in your business from time-to-time, the one thing that I can say for sure to help you to knock down those giants is to deepen your faith in God. Remember, you are never ever alone in business. God is right there with you helping you, encouraging you, enlightening you, and motivating you and most of all loving you. Give Him glory. Thank Him for your business endeavors, your dreams and your goals. Deepen your faith in God and every single time an obstacle tries to knock you down, remember your faith will knock them down.