Be Encouraged

Because Every Woman Entrepreneur Needs A Touch of Inspiration!

You are extremely powerful.

Yes, you are phenomenal.  Woman entrepreneur, you have this great unlimited potential breeding inside you encompassing every inch of your mind, life, heart and soul. You are resilient. Your mind is a journal that holds and retains your goals and all that you envision as an entrepreneur. 

You are a rich reservoir of valuable and priceless information.



A New Season

In this new season why not design, create and craft an extension of your existing business. 

Here’s what I recommend.

Think about your business and all the things that are relevant to your dynasty.  It could be that you want to design t-shirts for your business.  T-shirts can be a wonderful marketing tool.  T-shirts are not expensive to buy.  You can purchase t-shirts from Walmart, AC Moore, Michael’s, etc.  Or you can use Spreadshirt to design and sell your t-shirts. 

If you have a software program or if you are familiar with Adobe Photoshop, you can design your own graphics and upload them to Spreadshirt.  They have a large collection of t-shirts in all colors and sizes. 

I use Spreadshirt, but I don’t really market it the way I used to.  Here are a few of my own designs and here’s the link to help you to create that extension of your business if you decide that’s what you want to do. This will ensure that you get traffic to your website to help grow and prosper your business.


You can also write ebooks.  Ebooks are a fantastic way for you to make money.  I’ve written several ebooks and I’ve done well with them.  You just need Woocommerce or some kind of digital download program.  I really like Woocommerce a lot.  They set up everything for you.  They collect your payments right from your website as well. You just need to drive traffic to your website so that your potential customers can review and then buy your products. I’m so sure that you have priceless information that you want and are willing to share with the world!



Rubies in the Garden

Until next time, be encouraged, enriched and forever enlightened.