Time Is One of The Most Important Factors

In the Lives of Entrepreneurs

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Time is the one thing that we cannot get back.  It is essential that you, as an entrepreneur, use your time intelligently.

Managing your time wisely is conducive to your success in business.

If you have been trying to manage your time in a manner that can be less stressful and you feel like you haven’t accomplished this goal, then let’s see how  you can manage your time and your business.

Here’s a small, but big list of what you can do to help you to manage your time in such a way that you feel you are getting things done in a timely and professional manner.

  1. When you wake up in the morning the first thing you should do is to give God an abundance of thanksgiving from the heart.
  2. Spend time reading, studying and meditating upon the Word of God. 
  3. Pray prayers of glory giving God all the glory He alone so richly deserves.
  4. Speak your daily affirmations over yourself and drop nuggets of encouragement right into your business.
  5. Write your daily to do list in your daily to do book. (if you don’t have one then you can create or buy one; or you can use 3×5 cards)
  6. Check and answer all pertinent emails.
  7. Enter into your office and get excited for the lessons you will learn, the lessons you will learn and for the money you will make. 

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Remember, as you manage your time, it is important for you to stay in a positive frame of mind and always work in faith knowing that God is going to bless all of your endeavors. 

Always be brilliant in business because that’s who you are!

Cynthia G. Boyer