The Sky and You

The Sky is Not The Limit. There Are An Abundance of Gifts Breathing Inside of You Just Waiting for You To Execute God’s Amazing Plan for Your Life to Help You To Soar to Infinity and Beyond!


Good Day Women of Excellence,

I wanted to write this post today in hopes of offering and providing you with some super powerful prosperity nuggets and along with words of encouragement. 

I love sharing what the Holy Spirit speaks to my heart because I believe that this is how we, as women and sisters, grow in life as well as in business.  I am constantly learning new things in business and that’s because I rely and truly depend on God’s Holy Spirit to always counsel me and that He does; I am forever grateful.  His wisdom is infinite which means that new and exciting opportunities that pertain to my businesses are being presented to me on a weekly basis.  

I’m sure you’ve heard the old cliche, the sky is the limit.  Well, the sky is not the limit because when you think about your gifts and your own personalized unique skill set it is then that you think about just how powerful you really are.  Why not take all that God has gifted you and use them in such a way that it brings God glory and it impacts your life profoundly.  There are no limits.  There is a reservoir inside of you and that means you can create and design a business so special that it has the potential to stream from it as much money that you need it to. It all begins with you and recognizing your wonderful talents and your willingness to use what God has blessed you with.  You see, God has opened His good treasure, the heavens and loves to see you succeed in whatever your goals are. 

You Are All Women of Excellence. 

God is in you and that means you can do anything with confidence.  You are fearless, bold, courageous, bountiful and plentiful.  You are a thriving harvest and you never stop growing.  Now is the time for you to activate and execute all that has filled up in the cup of your heart just waiting for you to add those next ten steps to your ladder.  It’s time for you to light that fire and start working like you’re running in a marathon.  Now remember starting, running and promoting your business and making millions of dollars is not a sprint. It is the most enjoyable learning experience you could ever imagine.  As your business unfolds one goal at a time I promise you will be amazed at your own potential and the potential of your business.

God has equipped you with all the tools you need to blaze your brand, to make it stand out like Nike, Mercedes Benz and all those great logos and emblems that, when you see their brand without ever seeing a name attached to it, you automatically know who the owner is.  I believe in my heart that you, too, deserve this kind of recognition.

Now is the time for you to go to the next level of greater, amazing, phenomenal and awesome because that’s who you are.  Well, if you believe this then let’s just do it and while you’re doing it don’t you ever forget to give God the glory and thank Him for having created you and for the incredible woman and entrepreneur that you are or have the potential to become!

Be blessed,