Something Different

As an entrepreneur, I realize that those who have started their own entrepreneurial journey, are looking for success spelled money.  Money is their number one reason for starting a business and it is their main priority for growing a business.  I just want to say that if you’re doing what you love to do and you are sincerely passionate about your work, then the money will come.  


Looking around on Facebook I see that making money is all that I read about.  Our entrepreneurial journey should be about doing what we love, using the gifts that God has presented to us.  With all the amazing tools that God has equipped His children with, we should be focusing on using those tools to build thriving businesses that will honor Him.  

How do you spend your day?  Do you start out in prayer of thanksgiving and then asking God for guidance and direction in and for your business?  Are you on every social media platform promoting your business?  What are your main goals?  Is it that you just want to make enough money to care for your family; to make ends meet or do you sincerely want to help others with a need they may have?   Are your entrepreneurial goals in line with God’s plan for your business?  


I know for me working from home as a graphic designer, I have a deep love for graphic design.  It is my passion.  It is everything I dream about in terms of being a Christian women business owner.  It is everything I dream about in terms of working from home.  It is everything I dream about when I think about all the masterpieces that I have created when I hear people say, “Your designs are spectacular”!  Behind every creation, the various hues, the vibrant purples, blues and reds, there is love.  Love for God and then for my business.  There is thanksgiving.  I thank God for the amazing skill set that He has bestowed upon me and the ability to use the tools found in the software program that allows me to create such beauty that is truly timeless and traditional.  Behind every design there is hope.  Hope that my business will go to an even a higher level than it has ever gone before.  I am hoping to continue building my design business, Cyndi’s Light Work Designs, to help others learn to do what I do so that they too, can enjoy a thriving home based business that is both fulfilling and successful. 


I hope you are enjoying your entrepreneurial journey with each new glorious day that the Lord creates and with you in it, life just doesn’t get any sweeter.  So come and join me and let’s take our entrepreneurial journey together without fear, without doubt, without worry and just be who we are meant to be; Great Christian women entrepreneurs who look out into the universe and recognize that our prosperity is abundant because we have something special indwelling on the inside of us; God’s Holy Spirit.  Business just doesn’t get any better than this.  

Written by 

Cynthia G. Boyer

Dare to be different and watch your business soar!