Opportunities Never Ending

Enjoying Business and Loving What You Do!

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When you enjoy working your business and you love what you are doing the opportunities to leverage your business will be never ending.

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Have you ever gotten excited by all that God reveals to and gives you when it comes to your business. Do you complete one project only to look up and see and hear all about another project awaiting you. Well that’s my life’s story. I’m telling you when I started my business adventures the journey continues to be life-loving fulfillment for me.  The journey from starting a typing/transcribing business, a design business, publishing my very first book of poems, Quiet Time for Her, Treasures of His Grace, Treasures Inside You and more I’m elated and overjoyed. I am deeply passionate about design and using my creativity to bring God glory as you will see in the three pieces of wall art that I designed below.  I love what I do.






My latest business venture, Beauty and the Face, LLC, (Registered/Trademarked) has spread like the foundation of the universe!!! I know that there’s a ton of competition out in the World Wide Web, but when God gives you something unique and exclusive to you you already know that you have an awesome product or service to provide and share.

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Life is about giving and helping others in an effort to make their lives better and easier. It never needs or has to be complicated. Just plain easy and simple works!!!  No big fancy words are required and no gigantic pieces to the puzzle to make a person’s life whole. 

Whatever you are doing I pray that you are doing to your fullest and greatest potential. 

Be blessed,